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How To Be An Awesome Landlord(Homeowner) In 2022 And Beyond

If you’re a landlord, you often face struggles managing their properties and have plenty of brawls with their tenants once they want to leave the property.

In this post, we are going to show you how you can ensure you become a great landlord without the hassle of tenants. Ensure you keep your money in your back pocket and not theirs.

The strategies in this post have helped us grow to a portfolio worth over £30,000,000

income of our landlord

The Portfolio Value By The End Of 2021

Let’s dive right in…

How Is The Life Of A Landlord Nowadays?

There are a million different ways to be a landlord these days. Each and everyone one of us is different. We differ in the way we acquire and operate our properties. We differ in the way we refurbish and kit them out. And we differ in the way we wish to run the properties.

That being said there are some great ways to do it. By following these steps you are guaranteed to earn more money, have less hassle and ultimately enjoy being a landlord a lot more. Simply, you will start to earn stress free income from your property.

We had a landlord reach out to us several years ago who was tired. He had built up an incredible portfolio on his own over a 10 year period. Now, he owns a lot of property however the property industry had eventually worn him out.

So much so he had stopped buying property as he viewed them now as headaches and didn’t want any more hassle.

He was frustrated and tired. He looked a lot older than he was that was for sure and you could tell being a landlord (the wrong way) had taken its toll on him.

So what were the main problems he had with his portfolio:
  • Managed them all on his own and wouldn’t seek help (until now).
  • He let the properties tire and therefore attracted a lesser quality tenant as a result.
  • He did things on the cheap and as they say “buy cheap, buy twice”.

After coming across our website he reached out to us and we could resonate with his pain. We have experienced a nightmare tenant. We have seen our pride and joy be abused by disrespectful tenants and it isn’t nice. When you put so much effort into something it hurts when it doesn’t go the way you had visioned.

The great news for him was that he wasn’t the first landlord we had worked within this situation. In fact, several hundred had already reached out to us and switch over to our exclusive premium landlord service.

So what did we do? How did we make him a great landlord again? We showed him our property management services and our technology systems in short term rentals.

What Do We Do For You As A Landlord

We removed the pain and introduced him to a new way of renting.

  • No longer did he have to search for tenants or waste time attending viewings for no shows.
  • Never again would he have to spend money on a trashed property following a tenant’s unethical behaviour.
  • No more spending money on estate agency tenant finder fees or Gumtree and Spareroom listing fees (he had a few HMOs in his portfolio).
  • No more voids.
  • Maintenance costs were reduced as they were no longer his responsibility in the main.
  • And the best thing was we saved him a fortune with his section 24 tax liability.
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Benefits of working with Luke Capital Group

We should him a way to become a more profitable landlord without having to do anything apart from pass the keys over to us.

He was astounded, almost too good to be true.

The Solution We Provided

However, we showed him around a few of the properties that we operate under the short term rental formula and he could not believe the condition. They were like a king’s palace compared to his battered properties. He had become accustomed to it as he couldn’t keep up with maintenance issues and damage the tenants were leaving behind.

We proposed a deal to him to take over his portfolio and upgrade his properties. The deal showed him a way to uplift his profit without actually getting on more “face value” rent. And this deal prevented him from going into an early grave!!

And 2 years later, nearly all of his 23 properties are moved over to us and he looks 20 years younger. The change is simply incredible and that is why the Luke Capital Group exists.

We exist to help people and solve problems.

You don’t have to be a landlord that exchanges hassle for profit. You can have both, a hassle-free life and a profitable portfolio with a property management company that delivers results, time and time again.

Welcome to the Luke Capital Capital Group.

Have a great week,

Team LCG