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Understanding The Dedication To Your Professional Business

I’ve written avidly about the dedication a professional business requires. Some of you may know by now that I advocate ‘action’ in business – where early starts, long hours and going the extra mile is present in abundance.

But this mantra of ‘showing up’ doesn’t just apply to business.

In fact, it applies even more so in your personal life – around the dining table with your children, at a date night with your partner, or at a family barbecue with your parents. Showing up on these occasions plays a fundamental part in your ‘success’ – because it fulfils the basic emotional needs that we’re all born with.

Despite how pragmatic you claim to be, what you must remember is that as human beings, we’re all creatures of emotion – and we all crave a sense of belonging, deep down. When this need isn’t fulfilled, it impacts every other area of our lives; and may result in things like emotional burnout, depression and lack of productivity.

So, a lack of time for your family in the name of the business isn’t just depriving them; it may well be causing you a great deal of harm, as well.

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Professional Business in the Property Industry

The property industry is rife with financial success stories; it’s no secret that our business model unlocks a mountain of materialistic wealth.

While this is fantastic – the goal when stepping into the property arena should never just be about financial gains. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy; but when you make wealth your only focus, you neglect the other important aspects of your life – such as inner peace, relationships and leisurely hobbies.

A 2012 Harvard Business Review article (title: Positive Intelligence) actually proves that happy and emotionally fulfilled people are more likely to be successful in all areas of their life. In fact, more recently (in 2022) research from Warwick University shows that happiness makes people 12% more productive.

As such, it makes practical and emotional sense to frequently lean on the people who give you the most joy and love – your family. If you have young children, then they’re more likely to become successful and emotionally healthy adults, as a result of spending more time with you.

The majority of franchisees who work with Luke Capital Group choose this business model, so that they can give their families a better life. This is according to the results of the application form we ask them to complete when first signing up.

This is normally the case across the board – among business owners, of any industry. People usually set up businesses because the idea of ‘being their own boss’ and therefore having flexible working hours for their family is hugely appealing. It’s certainly the reason why I decided to escape the societal rat race because my ultimate goal has always been to secure my family’s future.

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Handling Professional Business

As any other CEO will tell you, managing a hospitality business across two continents is hard work. There are times when I cannot be bothered and have come close to throwing the towel in. But it’s in these moments when I remind myself of my purpose – this is the very thing that’s kept me committed to my goal, and has helped me reach success.

The truth is, a sense of purpose means you’re guided by meaningful values and goals – and because these things are infinite and intangible (unlike material gains), they’re far more likely to stick with you during the most difficult moments of your life.

For the majority of business leaders, family serves the greatest purpose – and when this is leveraged, not only is it brilliant for your emotional and mental health, it can benefit your hospitality business in phenomenal ways.

This is why we’re seeing a greater increase in posts about family and family relationships across LinkedIn by CEOs and global business leaders. These people understand that embracing (and sharing) this integral part of their life, is a key factor in their success and well-being.

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Time Management Is Essential

The biggest mental block I come across with our franchisee members is a lack of time. Often, they’ll describe themselves as ‘time poor’ – resulting in them missing out on important family events and get-togethers.

The good news is, that reigniting the spark between you and your family is easy. This is especially the case in our industry, which opens the door to travel, a remote working lifestyle and flexible hours.

Remember, that your business should serve you (not the other way round); and there are systems and processes you can put in place to help leverage your time, and share more of it with your loved ones.

If you’re looking for business growth in the property industry that doesn’t ask you to sacrifice your valued time with family, then our Franchise Model might just be the perfect fit.

So, if you want to start your own property business, and have time for your family and travelling, then you are in the right place. Check our Franchise Business Model, and start your property business with full support anywhere in the world.