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Holiday Homes & Short Term Rentals
are booming in Dubai and you can easily get in on the action.

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With over 20 million tourists in Dubai annually, with expectations to be over 23 million for the World Cup 2022, the demand for holiday homes will unbelievably increase. Use us to take advantage of the movement and make extra dirhams.

With our premier short term rental management services and well-trusted partners like Airbnb, every aspect of the listing, renting, hosting and guest management process is seamlessly managed to assure you with the highest potential and extra earnings.

Earn more on your rental income from your properties, and never miss a chance.
The best news is you don’t need to worry about your property anymore with Luke Capital Group. Your property will always be the best holiday home under our management.

Sit back, relax, have a seamless income, and count your dirhams.

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how much you can earn

We will analyse your property and send you a Market Projection Report for FREE.
Know more about your property’s occupancy rate and estimated monthly net profit.

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Earn Up to 4 Times More with Your Property Income 

  • With Airbnb management for short-term rentals and serviced accommodation 

As a short term rentals and Airbnb rentals business, we effectively remove your stress and increase your income
for jus
t a 12.5% management fee. This makes Luke Capital Group the most competitive Airbnb property management company in the industry. Sit back, relax and count your dirhams.

We’ll give your property maximum exposure on booking platforms like Airbnb (as well as our own platform on Luke Stays) and take care of all the operational and “back-end” work, giving you back your valued time and peace of mind.

Thanks to our I-PRAC accreditation we also offer a 100% trust guarantee and wear our I-PRAC Approval as a badge of honour.

Ultimately, you’re promised peace of mind, professional management and more money in your pocket when you partner with Luke Capital Group. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. 

Hassle-free Property Management

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Short Term Rentals Management at the
Best Fee You’ll Ever Find in the Industry 

You’ve just found a fully accredited Airbnb property management company (who can guarantee your protection) that charges just a 12.5% management fee.

For a property landlord like you, life couldn’t get any easier. Trust us, we understand EXACTLY how tough it can be to operate in this business. 

You simply don’t deserve the stress and time-consuming hassle that comes with dealing with unreliable tenants, or situations that just let you down.

Yet, it keeps happening doesn’t it?

So, this is where Luke Capital Group comes in – we specialise in short term lets and understand all the ins-and-outs of the industry.

For Just a 12.5% Management Fee…

We’ll manage your properties as weekly or monthly short term lets and ensure they’re making money for you. 

Your properties will be kitted-up, fully managed and professionally listed on our Airbnb network as well as our own booking platform (Luke Stays) for maximum exposure and bookings. 

Time to put your feet up and let our experienced team manage the hassle. 

Luke Capital Group airbnb management service

airbnb property management

property management

We will manage your property and real estate portfolio. We will handle the building management coordination, housekeeping, linen, toiletries, maintenance, parking, facilities, and insurance.

airbnb listing management

listing management

We will handle the entire online listing process of your property to ensure you gain maximum exposure across over 60 sites worldwide. We will dynamically price your property every week to maximise your occupancy and profitability. 

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guest management

We have a fully-managed operation team based in Dubai that manages the guests’ whole experience from start to finish to ensure nothing but a 5 star service to attract more guests and to ensure every guest comes back to us. 

You Can 100% Trust Our Property Management
Across UK, Dubai and Europe


We’re the only Airbnb property management company that has just a 12.5% management fee while being fully accredited by I-PRAC – the world’s ONLY verification platform for short-term rentals.

You’re in safe hands. You’re guaranteed an income boost. You’re only a few clicks away from getting started. 

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Whether you own a simple apartment or a deluxe villa, we will prepare your property and real estate portfolio for the best holiday homes and vacation rentals experience in Dubai and UAE.


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Still unsure if your  property can make serious money with our Airbnb property management service? 

Why not request a FREE analysis report which will tell you exactly how your property will perform as a short-term rental/ serviced accommodation? 

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Still unsure if your  property can make serious money with our Airbnb property management service? 

Why not request a FREE analysis report which will tell you exactly how your property will perform as a short-term rental/ serviced accommodation? 

calculate your profit

Ready to Become Our Next Happy Client? 

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into vacation rentals?

opportunities around the year 

With over 19 million yearly visitors in Dubai only, your property will be in demand from the minute you go live from this surge of tourists and business travellers. The high demand for short term rentals and monthly booking of serviced accommodation is synonymous with an elevated occupancy rate.

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Partnering with
Luke Capital group

Whether you own a studio, apartment, or deluxe villa, furnished or unfurnished, you can partner with us. Our management service handles everything from A to Z to transform your property into the best holiday home or vacation rental that tourists and business travellers are looking for this year.

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Grow your real estate portfolio profitability.
Upgrade your properties and lifestyle with Luke Capital Group.