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– About Dubai Old Town

Traditional markets, authentic meals and cultural experiences await in Dubai’s historic areas. Journey into Dubai’s past with a visit to the heritage district located on the banks of the Dubai Creek. This neighbourhood is home to some of the city’s finest cultural gems. If you explore, you’ll find XVA Art Gallery that showcases contemporary Arabian works, and the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, where visitors can learn more about Emirati traditions.

Merchants from neighbouring countries would sail in to peddle their wares here and today, gold, perfumes and textiles are still sold in the storied markets of Deira. The greatest sensory feast comes from the Spice Souk, which is alive with vibrant colours and aromas of some of the world’s most prized spices.

1 Bedroom Furnished Apartment

Net Yearly Profit approx 31,000 AED

Overview On Investment - 1 Bedroom in Dubai Old Town

Setup Costs:

DTCM Fee                    370 AED (£82.22)

Ejari Tenancy
Registration                200 AED (£44.44)

Broker Fee                  5250 AED (£1,166.67)

Luke Stays
Sourcing Fee              2250 AED (£500)

Activation Fee            300 AED (£66.67)

Pack & Installation          0 AED (£0)

Total Setup Costs: 

8,370 AED (£1,860)


DEWA                      2,000 AED (£444.44)

Emicool                   2,000 AED (£444.44)

Rent Security           5,250 AED (£1,166.67)

Total Deposits:     

9,250 AED (£2,055.56)

Operational Costs:

Rent                      105,000 AED (£23,333.33)

Utilities Estimate     18,000 AED (£4,000)

WiFi                             4,560 AED (£1,013.33)

Cleaning & Linen      21,600 AED (£4,800)

Fee                           20,100 AED (£4,466.67)

Total Operating Costs:     

169,260 AED (£37,613.33)

Projected Revenue 
Exc. OTA Fees

200,000 AED (£44,444.44)

investment overview

Net Profit Per Year       30,740 AED (£6,831.11)

ROCE                                     367.26%

3-Year Profit                83,850 AED (£18,633.33)

5-Year Profit               145,330 AED (£32,295.56)