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What Guarantees Do I Get with Short-Term Rental Management?

While Luke Stays’ Short-Term Rental Management solution for landlords may seem more risky compared to our Rent Guarantee model, the rewards that come with it are potentially life-changing.

We operate with all the correct legal systems and processes in place; and have already helped hundreds of other landlords across the UK, Europe, and Dubai earn a healthy rental income with short-term rental management while guaranteeing them invaluable things along the way.

Find out what you’re 100% guaranteed with our short-term rental management solution. 

Guraranteed Lanlord

Full Booking & Guest Experience Management

Once your property has been trustfully handed over to Luke Stays, we take care of the entire short-term rental experience for you – for every guest.

We will list your property with optimized content and photographs across the Luke Stays website and other booking platforms. Your property will be listed at the best rates – so you’re guaranteed to make a decent profit, during the time of the current season and consumer demands.

Not only do we generate more bookings for your short-term rental property, but we will find the most reliable guests for you too – thanks to our meticulous process of fully vetting guests (and the guests they bring with them).

The check-in and check-out process is fully managed and the professional maintenance of your property (including cleaning and general properties) will be our team’s responsibility as well.

As such, all you need to do is accept the higher rental income in your bank account, as we generate it for you. 

Guest Experience management

I-PRAC Approval & StayCover on Your Property to Help Generate Bookings

Every property that is added to the Luke Stays portfolio immediately becomes I-PRAC Approved and can offer additional StayCover benefits (at no extra charge) to guests, to help rake in more bookings.

StayCover is exclusive to Luke Stays, and cannot be found anywhere else. It’s akin to Airbnb’s AirCover – but better – as it guarantees 100% trust, high-quality standards, and payment protection to guests, which is never available with other online travel agencies.

Your property will instantly become part of the most trusted short-term rental brand in the industry; and this will be excellent for your own marketing – if you ever wish to do any of your own (otherwise, we do all the hard work for you).

Through our years of experience in the industry, we have found guest trust to be a huge part of the guest booking process. And so, by cementing trust with I-PRAC Approval and StayCover, we can guarantee that you’ll attract a higher number of high-quality bookings to your property. 


The Lowest Fees on the Market

You might presume that by fully managing your property and potentially quadrupling your rental income, we would ask for a large cut of the profit.

However, with the intention to serve your best interests first and foremost, Luke Stays actually has the lowest fees on the market when it comes to our Short-Term Rental Management solution. We would much rather grow our pool of landlords as partners, through long-term and trustworthy relationships; and collectively scale as a team.

By allowing you to take the lion’s share of the profit under this rental model, we are giving you the freedom to grow your own portfolio (should you wish to do so), which naturally benefits Luke Stays, as well.

It’s a win-win situation. 

Lowest Price Offer

Greater Peace of Mind

There are certain things in life that you simply cannot put a price on.

Peace of mind, sleep, and sanity are among just a few – and we feel that our Short–Term Rental Management solution really helps a lot of the stress that many landlords tend to endure when trying to make money from their property.

With the risk of badly behaved guests and tenants to consider, increasing admin duties, unreliable cleaners and sheer lack of time, it is easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel that stops so many landlords from moving forward, and scaling.

Instead, when you partner with Luke Stays, you’re immediately welcomed as part of our family – where your business becomes our utmost priority. 

So, don’t let the presumptions about short-term rental management sway you. The problem is, the majority of landlords fail to do their due-diligence property when partnering with another agency – however, you can rest assured that Luke Stays is officially the most trusted brand in the industry; and we have hundreds of success stories (from all corners of the world!) to prove it.

Why not get in touch for property analysis and see how much your unit could be earning as a short-term rental today?