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Happy Landlord Equals Happy CEO

Two landlords responding after receiving their investor statements for September after trusting us with their properties and allowing us to show them how to increase their bottom line using our exclusive premium landlord service.

The exclusive premium landlord service was brought into the company several years ago after successfully managing multiple units of our own as serviced apartments, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, apart hotels etc, and spotting a gap in the market for landlords that liked the idea of the profit side of using this property strategy however didn’t want the hassle element of operating the business side of this property strategy.

As we were already dealing with the operational side for our own properties it made sense to share the wealth and offer it out to other landlords with the right properties.

Our exclusive premium landlord service aims to manage a landlords property on a monthly basis after converting the property into a suitable short term rental style accommodation unit, provide them with the lions share of the profit and spare them from any operational responsibility at all.

In essence… just give us the keys, kick back and count the cash rolling in like these two owners did in September 2020 😉

The criteria to work with us on this particular service is fairly simple:

  • Have a property in the right location
  • Ensure the property passes our brand standards
  • Ensure the property can be operated as a holiday furnished let legally
  • Sign the short term rental management agreement

If you would like to explore the potential revenue your property is probably leaving on the table each and every month by not using our serviced accommodation management style solution then open a chat now with one of our representatives and we can run projections for you and analyse your property to ensure it meets the brand’s minimum standards.

Visit our online booking platform, Luke Stays, to see our landlords’ properties.

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