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5 Awesome Tips You Should Know About Holiday Lettings [After The Covid Pandemic]

How to Get the Most of Holiday Lettings After the Pandemic

Pandemic is changing how we live and work, as well as how we travel and spend our vacations. This revolutionized how people work, for example, forced people to realize they can work from anywhere.

If you follow and adopt the below tips you will be able to get the most out of holiday lettings.

So if you travel often and book your stays online, you should probably want to read these tips. Let’s dig in!

New Types of Holiday Lettings On Airbnb

One of the leading furnished home rental companies Airbnb compiled a list of predictions for 2022 in which the company described new types of lettings that didn’t exist or were realized before. For example, Cottage core type of furnished home is the first in the list which is described as a simple, rural lifestyle, utilizing materials that are inspired by vintage wallpapers.

Travellers can look for such simple-styled holiday homes where can stay for a long time for vacations or work remotely after lockdown restrictions are reduced. People were under stress in 2020, which continued to 2021, and people will look forward to relaxing and going on vacations in 2022. This will provide new destinations and types of holiday homes with exciting features that travellers should explore.

Travellers should also be always aware of the new travelling trends of the travel industry, and how it is changing for 2022 and beyond.

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1. Explore Outdoor Activities

Post pandemic is a good time to go on a vacation and it would be a great idea to explore and participate in outdoor activities. When you book your holiday lettings through a travel manager, you will have the benefit of choosing a location that is managed by a community or is located near an outdoor park. Your travel manager can help you arrange and signup at an outdoor activity organiser.

Though you can also arrange the things yourself such as gears and park location it would not be a great idea to do everything yourself as you won’t have access to all local resources. If participating in outdoor activities is in your vacation plans, you should choose a home that is located near all these amnesties. Some homes have designs that are outdoor or natural scenery centric, providing good parking space, balcony, and/or a backdoor that gives easy access to amenities, as it is a great time to connect with nature.

2. Plan Vacations Around Fitness In Your Holiday Letting

Gyms along with other facilities were closed during the lockdown in pandemic and many people gained weight. Rejoining a gym can be a relief and reason of happiness for fitness enthusiasts. It will be a new trend for high-rated hotels to provide one or two machines inside their rooms which will be a good attraction for many guests.

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If you are a fitness enthusiast then you should look out for it and see if your holiday lettings are furnished with a few fitness equipment. Until the gyms are not fully opened widely, the trend of in-room fitness facilities will grow more as there is relatively a low barrier for hotels to create a space for it.

3. Avoid Setting on the First Price You See

When you have found a perfect vacation rental for your holiday lettings, don’t settle for a price that you first in the listing. There will be a competition for prices on different online booking listings such as Airbnb and Booking. Hosts will offer the same variations in their prices according to the amount of competition in each booking listing.

If you found a holiday home on an online booking site, you will notice that no single site is the cheapest. If you call the host of the property and confirm your booking on call, you will get an even cheaper rate.

Booking directly with the property owner can save you the cost of third-party fees. Just make sure that the property owner accepts payment by credit card to protect yourself against fraud, and avoid paying through bank transfer. Also, be sure to enquire about the cancellation policy before the booking and get it in writing.

That’s why Luke Stays is a safe booking platform to book your holiday lettings, as we are approved by I-PRAC, which provides international protection for the guests and for their registered holiday lettings.

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4. Group Booking to Save More On Your Holiday Lettings

Many regions have lifted the restriction on mixing households and staying in groups, and you may consider sharing your furnished holiday lettings with your friends, another couple, or family. If you do simple math and divide the price of two bedrooms vacation rental for, say 5 nights, between two couples, you will divide the price.

But if you include an additional bedroom, the difference in price for an extra bedroom will not be significant, but the per couple cost will be must lesser.
After the removal of the lockdown restrictions, many couples and families will plan for vacations, and it will be a good time to stay in groups to save the cost of living.

Reach out to your friends and family members to see who is planning vacations or will they be visiting a common destination. However, if you are planning to share homes with strangers or someone you know less about, be sure to consider your personnel safety and security.

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5. Book Early to Avoid Losing a Good Location

The general rule when you are finding a holiday home is to book well before the time. If you shortlisted a few furnished holiday lettings, there are chances they are also saved or favourite marked by other travellers. The booking trend is higher when holidays, summer breaks, and Christmas holidays seasons are near. It is also a good idea to confirm your booking after enquiring about cancellation policies.

For example, if you plan to travel to your selected vacation rental in summer, then book it in January, especially your transportation such as airline tickets, as planning early saves money. Whatever online booking listing search engine you are using, Booking, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, be sure to start your search by filtering by your budget. Then sort the results by more star ratings and best locations, and review and shortlist a few.

Also, if you selected a vacation rental around a festival or specific season, then you should confirm your booking early. The holiday lettings in your selected area will become more expensive as the season time will come near. The same goes for airline tickets which became cheap with rates going down to as much as 30%. If you book your airline tickets, you will pay the same price on which you booked irrespective of the changes in the airline fares.

Going on holidays after the pandemic is the best time of the year as airlines fares are reduced to the lowest and holiday home lettings are the cheapest. But the prices will start to increase as businesses and people’s lives normalize, and may even be higher than usual due to a surge in demand as more people will go on vacations.

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Keep in mind those tips when booking for your next vacation, as it will allow you not to waste an hour at your holiday lettings.

When you travel, you want to use every single second to live it to the max at your vacation and ensure you have done everything you can do. This post was written to take these tips into consideration for your holiday lettings, so you will be able to make the best out of them.