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Why You Should Invest In Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Covered in a gold-studded quilt of opulence and laced with unmatchable finesse, Dubai remains one of the most desirable cities in the world. This Middle-Eastern gem has been attracting the wealthy, rich and famous for decades and is globally celebrated for its ultra-modern camaraderie (can you spot the latest supercar?) and old-world history. 

Among all these lucrative opportunities, is the real estate market of Dubai – easily, the most promising of them all. 

The United Arab Emirates is actually a leader among other global countries where foreigners keenly purchase real estate as an investment, and frequently so. As such, Dubai is the main city for this purpose (often competing with Abu Dhabi) – and it’s been reported that 90% of the city’s population are expats.

This makes properties for sales in Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and other sought-after areas profitable; and for many, life-changing. So, if you’re considering investing serious money in Dubai’s real estate market, allow us – as the experts – to talk you through the ample (money-making) benefits and ultimately manage the entire process for you. 

Stay with us over the next few minutes or so, as we explore how Dubai’s real estate market is guaranteed to make you big profits. 

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Dubai’s Real Estate Market: The Landscape Now and Where it’s Heading 

The numbers speak for themselves.

Dubai’s real estate market is on an upward trajectory, now more than ever before. A recent report from Arabian Business has claimed that the city’s real estate scene has witnessed 6,651 real estate transactions worth $4.98 billion (AED 18.3 billion) in MAy 2022, alone.

This marks the highest figures in May in 13 years, in terms of real estate sales volumes and value. 

The jaw-dropping expansion of Dubai’s real estate market comes as no surprise, when you consider that the value of Dubai’s houses grew by an average of 44% in 2021 (and continues to rise). According to consulting agency Knight Frank, this is actually the highest number among the world’s 100 most popular cities  – making Dubai a serious competitor for the likes of Miami and Zurich. 

More and more commercially-minded investors like you are getting serious about focusing on Dubai for their real-estate investments. The benefits make this a somewhat “obvious” preference over other real estate opportunities:

  • Competitive prices compared to other real estate in other major European cities. 
  • An upscale standard of living (among the best in the world)
  • A profitable tax system that generates net incomes without the additional expenses. 

Now, in Q3 of 20222, Dubai’s real estate market is still set for steady and promising growth. There’s a rising demand for housing; which has changed dramatically since the peak of the COVID pandemic (and only presents more opportunities for you). By investing in the city’s real estate now you could be involved in a revolutionary “movement” within the UAE’s property industry and make a lot of money in doing so.

Though we strongly believe that time is of the essence here, for you to really reap the rewards. 

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Airbnb and Short Term Rentals in Dubai 

What many first-time investors in Dubai don’t consider, is the phenomenal opportunity the city presents for Airbnb landlords. A recent report (published in 2022), named Dubai as “The most profitable city in the world of Airbnb landlords” – with properties near Burj Khalifa charging guests an average of $1150 a night.

Landlords who own properties near the world’s tallest building have the realistic potential to earn £339,450 per year (as per average nightly rates) – which means it could take only 4 months to break even on an investment. Now, while many sources may tell you that this will only be the case if you’re investing in property in the most sought-after areas; and this is wildly difficult to do – remember that in our case, you’ll have the experts at Luke Capital Group sourcing the best deals for you; for you to simply accept or decline. 

Make note, there’s now an excess of 5000 Airbnb listings in Dubai – with a growing number of wealthy guests looking to book, by the minute. Among these properties are luxury condos, and high-perched properties with rooftop terraces and swimming pools – these are all incredibly profitable as an investor, in a location that pretty much markets itself. 

You can read more studies and reports on platforms such as Arabian Business to find out how Airbnb properties make the most money in Dubai (compared to any other place in the world). This is taking into account the cost of the properties and proposed nightly rates. 

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How to Start Investing In Dubai’s Real Estate Market 

There’s no doubt that Dubai remains the most sought-after destination for investors, but its glamorous reputation sometimes makes it seem “unattainable”.

The city offers the most attractive rental yields in the world – however, as with any investment opportunity, investors need to carry out their own due diligence as well as plenty of in-depth research. Don’t forget, the city is made up of areas and suburbs, which vary in quality of life, amenities, transportation links and most importantly, cost. You’ll need to consider things like market conditions at the time of property purchase, maintenance costs (RERA Service Charge and Maintenance Index), interest rates – and various other details. 

At first glance, it seems like a lot of work – and that’s because it usually is. There’s a lot of “red tape” around this gold-studded city, and many investors feel that they have to jump through several hoops and part with extortionate setup costs to get started with Dubai’s real estate market.

When you partner with Luke Capital Group, assume that all the above is taken care of for you. In fact, we guarantee you a “hands-free” approach, whereby once you register with us as an investor, the rest is taken care of for you. The company has a fully-fledged team of deal sources who will directly send the most attractive real estate deals to you (depending on your investment status) and even list your properties after purchase across over 60 booking channels

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Start Making Money with Real Estate Investments in Dubai; While Luke Capital Group do all the Work for You

Life couldn’t be easier for you as an investor, who’s serious about getting involved with Dubai’s real estate market.

Luke Capital Group has been implementing a creative rental strategy called “Rental Arbitrage” since 2019, which has been of immense success for our investors. We use our industry know-how as well as our deep knowledge of Dubai’s real estate market (we know the city like the back of our hands) and orchestrate and manage the entire process for you.

By doing all the hard work and jumping through all the hoops beforehand, investors like you are invited to leverage our proven success and work with a trusted brand that will guarantee you see profit, off the back of your property investments (which we’ll source for you).

  1. You’ll have zero taxes or legal bills to pay.
  2. You’ll be under no requirement to settle huge deposits to get started 

With minimal sourcing fees (0 AED for Luke Stays franchisees) and the lowest management fee in the short-term rental industry (10% plus VAT), the barriers to entry in a market that’s widely recognised as being “exclusive”, “opulent” and “the ultimate dream” are low – and the chances of your ongoing profitability, far greater. 

See a real working example made for you to see how our investments work.

It’s your turn to get in on the exciting money-making action in Dubai’s real estate market. Get in touch now, to get started with our trusted team.