By Choosing the Dubai Real Estate Market with a Trusted Company


By Choosing the Dubai Real Estate Market with a Trusted Company

Packed to the seams with money-making opportunities, Dubai is the hottest spot for real estate investments right now. 

As the third most travelled city in the world, the city is tipping the highway tourism spend list. It remains one of the most desirable locations in the world – attracting the most wealthy, rich and famous. 

And now it’s your turn to get involved with this lucrative market. 

The accommodation division of our company – Luke Stays – has been operating successfully since 2019 across 34 global locations. We invite you to take part in our trusted rental arbitrage strategy which will ensure you step into Dubai’s real estate market (with your best foot forward) and make your money work harder.


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one that’s been trusted to work – time and time again. 

You’re in safe hands with us. Read on to find out how rental arbitrage in Dubai’s real estate market with Luke Stays, works. 


Investors who partner with us, trust our creative strategy – known as “rental arbitrage”.  It’s simple to implement, delivers enormous results – and easy for you to get involved with, too. 


What is Rental Arbitrage? 

Rental arbitrage is a creative real estate investing strategy which enables you to control a property for profit.

In simple terms, we will agree to rent a property from a landlord for a fixed amount per year; and host guests on a nightly basis to create our own profit margin.

So, for you this means:

  • No taxes or legal bills to pay
  • No requirement of huge deposits to get started 

This is by far, the most cost-effective way to start or scale your real estate portfolio, in the most desirable locations in the world. 

burj khalifa dubai


Luke Capital Group controls in excess of £70m worth of property; and to date, over 300 landlords trust us with their property.

The numbers speak for themselves. 

We’re a fully approved I-PRAC Certified company, meaning we guarantee 100% peace of mind for investors, property owners and guests (and value who we work with, immensely); and have an established operational team in Dubai  – who understand the ins-and-outs of the city’s laws and regulations. 

The acquisitions team at Luke Capital Group are busy sourcing property deals all day – every day – in the most lucrative hotspot areas. You can rest assured that we know what we’re doing – as well as what works (and what doesn’t). 

How does your investment work?

It’s simple. Once you register with us as an investor – you can bask in the enjoyment of being totally “hands off”, as we’ll take care of the rest for you.

We’ll send you the latest up-and-coming deals; and even source real estate deals to order, depending on your investment status. 

From beginning to end, we will do the following on your behalf:

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Source the right deals for your budget

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Manage the interior design and setup 

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List your properties on over 60 channels 

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Run the day to day operations 

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Run the day to day operations 

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Provide you with transparent financial reporting 

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Support you to find more deals 

With minimal sourcing fees (0 dhs for franchisees) and the lowest management fee in the short term rental industry (12.5% plus VAT) the barriers to entry are minimal and your ongoing profitability is greater.

Want To Invest In Dubai Real Estate?

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Investing with us is a unique experience, with your capital in professional hands that specialise in Short Term Lets and Serviced Accommodation.

Your investment will be 100% profitable. We guarantee that our investing strategies were tested in 1000+ properties with 300+ landlords.

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We have put a real example below to see how our creative strategy works.

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source to order

For experienced investors we can source real estate deals to order. 

Once we understand your investment profile our expert team will locate the best deals for your pledged funds and get to work setting them and cash flowing quickly. 

See the Working Example Below:

1 Bedroom in Dubai Marina

Setup Costs 

  • Real estate broker fee 5% or min 5000 AED of the annual rent
    (Deals sourced direct with landlords 0 AED) 
  • DTCM licence fee between 370 AED – 1520 AED
    (540 dhs for this example)
  • Furniture between 15,000 AED – 45,000 AED
    (20,000 AED for this example)
  • Luke Stays sourcing fee 2,250 AED 

Total Setup Costs: 27,790 AED

Operational Costs (Per year)

  • Rent = 75,000 AED 
  • Utilities = approx 12,000 AED
  • WiFi = 3,600 AED
  • Cleaning and linen = 28,800 AED
  • Management fee = 16,560 AED + 828 AED VAT

Total Operating Costs: 126,788 AED

Revenue Projections

revenue projections from short term rental investment in dubai real estate

Total Revenue Projections 165,600 AED

Investment overview

Net Profit Per Year – 38,812 AED

Setup Cost Pay Back Time Period – 8.59 months [less than a year]

ROCE – 151%

3 Year Profit – 88,646 AED

5 Year Profit – 166,270 AED


All Your Questions Are Answered

Is there a break clause in the contract?

You are committing to a minimum of 12 months rent with a 3 month notice period before the end of the fixed term.

What happens in the event of another COVID lock down?

Whilst unlikely, as Dubai only locked down once, the rent and bills are still to be paid. We would try to negotiate with the landlords however the worst case is full payment of all financial commitments.

What's the break even amount?

Each property will have a different level as location, size and fit out all determine the results. We would encourage all investors to run their own due diligence. Our data is extracted from multiple reliable sources such as AirDNA and our own running costs to give a good estimate of the ongoing revenue and run costs however as a sophisticated investor we expect you to do your own before making a decision and we can’t be held responsible for any negative variations on our projections.

How much do I need to pay upfront?

Every deal will be different however the standard setup costs are as follows. 


  • Your first rent cheque which will vary from property to property. In Dubai landlords ideally want 1 rent cheque for the year paying up front. Recent times have seen landlords become a bit more flexible however typically you would be looking at paying your rent quarterly.
  • Utility companies require deposits on file for the term of your agreement with them. Typically 2000 dhs plus an admin fee to set them up. 
  • Naturally you will need to set your property up with the correct furniture and interior design to attract guests to book. We take care of all of this with our interior design team and will confirm the price before any work commences. Fit outs can range upwards of 10,000 dhs typically depending on the property size. 
  • Finally you will need insurance and DTCM licences to trade. Again we take care of all of that for you on the ground and invoice you for payment. Costs range from 360dhs up over depending on the property size. 
What are the ongoing costs I need to pay for?

Like any short term rental property all bills need to be include for our guests so the typical operational are air conditioning, water, electric, Wi-Fi etc. 

The day to day operational costs will consist of items such as linen, welcome packs, cleaning etc. 

These costs are billed to your property every month and deducted from your payout each month.

If you achieve higher than the projections do you keep it all?

Absolutely not, we charge 10% plus VAT (currently 5% in the UAE) on the gross revenue. If we over perform we collect our fee and the lion share of the revenue goes to yourself.

How confident are you of the demand?

We have been operating here since 2021 and have seen the highs and lows of the seasons which combined together make a profitable venture. Across 12 months you will experience low months from mid June through to the end of August as the temperatures soar. Peak month range from around mid October through to the end of March. 

Dubai is the 4th most travelled place in the world and with their 2040 plan we are confident it will move up this list. Dubai is expanding by the day and their vision is incredible. We are confident the short term rental game here is going to be strong for the long term.

What is our target market?

In Dubai there are several markets we target:

  1. Expats relocating to the emirate for work
  2. Tourists looking to holiday here in Dubai 
  3. Corporate professionals in the area for a few months at a time on short term work projects.
Is rental arbitrage illegal in Dubai?

No, whilst many inexperienced investors believer rental arbitrage is illegal it is quite the opposite. We get full permission from all landlords to operate as a short term rental operator and everything we do is transparent with them from the start. Sub letting is allowed with the landlords permission. 

How do I get paid?

Luke Stays will effectively run the operations for you on a monthly basis and collect all your revenue whilst paying out all your ongoing running costs. 

At the end of the month you will be given a statement which shows what we generated versus the costs paid on your behalf, deduct our management fee and then you will receive the net difference to pay your rent, all other bills will be deducted. 

Can I see my bookings?

Yes, you will get access to our booking platform where you can see the performance of your properties in real time.

How do you deal with fluctuations in the exchange rates?

All money received into Dubai must be for the exact AED amount on your invoices. 

Any monies paid to your nominated account will leave our bank account in AED and the rate will be whatever our bank charges. International payment fees will be deducted from the investor. 

What guarantees do you require?

Due to the nature of the way the contracts have to be set up personal guarantees are required from every investor. The liability will be for the full contract amount, both fixed and variable costs.

What happens if the property is damaged?

Whilst we do everything in our power to prevent guests’ issues it would be a lie to say nothing is going to happen. However our experience has helped us protect the financial side and limit the damage.
On the plus side the malicious damage element is far less in Dubai than other locations we operate in. In the unlikely event that we can not recoup the damage from the guest this will be billed to the investor.

What happens at the end of my contract?

Most landlords will want to continue working with us for many years to come. As such we expect to renew the tenancy agreement for a further 12 months. If you do not wish to do so then you must notify us 3 months before the renewal date.

How quickly can you get my property live?

Once we have your commitment and funds we will agree on everything on your behalf. It can take us approximately several weeks to get your property live and trading.

How do I get started?

Check out our deals page and make an enquiry or reservation on any of the deals you are interested in.