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We understand how difficult it can be to operate a property portfolio and that is why as a company we invest heavily in technology systems and processes to assist us in delivering the finest short-term rental product to the market which insures a five star experience for our guests at all times.

Over the years we have worked hard on putting the systems and processes together along with a huge focus on our marketing and branding element to ensure that we can attract the right guests to stay in our locations as well as identifying the right locations to match our brand standards and ensure that everything works in harmony. 

Message from the founder

” It was never my intention to build such an incredible business at the beginning however after discovering the magic of the short term rental industry and seeing firsthand how it benefited my personal property portfolio, I was driven to offer this unique service to other landlords and property owners who wanted to maximise their returns from their efforts and their assets and removing the hassle from their lives. “

~ Ryan K Luke, Founder & CEO

Ryan Luke - Property Management Professional In Short Term Rentals

Brand Vision

As we continue to grow as a business around the world we continue to push the brand standards up and demand higher standards from not only our partners but our properties and everybody within the team that works for Luke Capital Group. 

By doing so this has allowed us to scale into multiple international countries and demand a brand presence and a large market share within those locations very quickly even as a fresh company to the market in some cases. 

The growth has been possible due to the value of our short term rental service that we bring to the table on both sides of the coin. 

The property owners and landlords that we work with see huge value in our services for their property portfolios over the long term. And with the trust and respect that is built between the two parties, the growth will continue to accelerate at a pace well above the industry average and cements the fact that we are the right company to work with and we are heading into that space of been the best short term rental operator out there. 


On the guest side again the trust that is built from day one due to our professional accreditations and our brand presence as a professional operator in the short term rental and serviced accommodation space gives them the confidence to book with us time and time again knowing that they are choosing the right partner to stay with.

In 2022 we launched our online travel agency which will add another additional service to hosts around the world who are looking to attract more guests and a higher quality guest experience to ensure that they maximise their revenue streams. 

As Short Term Rental & Serviced Accommodation

Everything we do here at the Luke Capital Group is with the client at the forefront of our decisions at all times because without them; there would be no business. This is one of the core values of the business that it goes through in every department and ensures that we deliver on our promises and maintain high standards to our clients, which builds the long-term relationships we are so striving for at all times.
Our mission is to support the short term rental industry in becoming more professional and regulated in serviced accommodation. We ensure that all operators maintain guest safety and that their funds are secured from every booking they make to combat any scams that may go on within the industry.
That is why Ryan Luke is an ambassador for I-PRAC. 


International Property Rental Approval Certification


Our future also sees the year where the Luke Capital Group will become one of the industry leaders by the technology we use in short term rentals to assist our property owners and the guests that stay with us from the minute they make a booking all the way through to the next booking. That they will make with the company as we are big believers that technology needs to be at the forefront of any business as we move into the future.

Those that do not invest in their systems and processes software and hardware will unfortunately get left behind as we move into a tech focused decade and beyond.

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