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Living In Dubai: Top Useful Activities To Do In 2022

Living In Dubai

How is living in Dubai? The most visited city in the world, and the most attractive city to visit worldwide, is an emirate in the country of United Arab Emirates. People often think that Dubai is a country, but actually, it is the most famous city in the UAE country, which they call it an emirate, as per the UAE law.

So what is Dubai and why it is so famous and attractive? Well this question has an infinite number of answers, each one of us can answer it according to our point of view. In this blog, I will reveal some of great characteristics about living in Dubai, for tourism and local guide as well.

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Holiday in Dubai is exciting and interesting, knowing all the experiences you will have while roaming around the city. Most of the time, tourists cannot experience everything in Dubai because of the enormous number of activities this city has, and I will be talking about some of them.

Tourism In Dubai

To do tourism in Dubai can be a complicated thing and very puzzling, due to the massive variety of options you can get for each item, from a place to stay in, a place to dine in, a place to free your mind, and the list keeps on rolling. So, whether you know or don’t know Dubai, this blog will make many things clear to you.

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Food in Dubai

The second thing tourists consider is Food. Now the Food in Dubai is indeed not a thing to worry about, because you can have a wide variety of cuisines to eat from, from local Food, Asian Food, Western Food, and international Food. 

When it comes to Food, you need to consider the prices of the restaurants, their bookings, and their service, of course. According to the Food prices, it certainly differs from place to place, from area to area, and if it is in a hotel or anywhere else outside. 

Averagely speaking, it can range from 30$ to 70$ (120 AED to 350 AED) to dine in per person, and sometimes more, depending on where you have your meal. You can also manage to spend even less on Food by switching to more local restaurants and others that have already existed in Dubai for a long time. 

List of Food Guides

Here is a list of websites I recommend to have some fabulous places to try delicious food in, with the timings, contact numbers, and prices.

Using these websites in the list above, you can choose restaurants to dine in, according to your taste and budget. 

Enjoy !

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Another essential thing to consider while planning your tour to Dubai, apart from short term rental accommodation and food, is the activities that you will be doing during your stay.

Living in Dubai, there are endless activities you can do, whether you are alone, with a group of friends, or with your family. Dubai has all options that suit everyone and every group of people coming together.

Activities To Do While Living In Dubai

I will be dividing the activities into categories here, depending on your interest and purpose of living in Dubai.

I will be briefly listing some recommendations on the above list so you will get a general idea of the activities you can do that will be relevant to your interests.

Outdoor Activities

Plenty of outdoor activities you can do while living in Dubai, and they are really uncountable. One of the majors that most people like is Wild Wadi. Wild Wadi is a massive waterpark with many cool things to do; you can even spend most of the day at Wild Wadi, with various water games to play, restaurants, shops, and even sitting there and enjoying your inspiration. It is suitable for a group of friends or families.

Another option can also be Dubai’s Parks. Dubai got many parks across the city, some of them are regular parks, and some include activities inside them. You can spend and enjoy a good time with the stunning landscapes in the regular parks, such as:

  • Al Khor Park
  • Mamzar Park
  • Al Barsha Park
  • Umm Suqeim Park. 
The other parks with activities are 

Other options for outdoor activities can also be going to Hatta. Hatta is a stunning place to spend more than one day, with plenty of activities to do like crossbow archery, boat riding on Hatta great dam, doing a memorable hike, and much more activities to do in Hatta.

More activities you can see about Outdoor activities in the Desert and Sea & Beaches lists.

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Indoor Activities

I will be here recommending the best indoor activities you could do while living in Dubai that are just perfect to beat the summer. 

The first activity can be going to the malls. Malls in Dubai are really a great place to spend an entire day and do a lot of activities like walking and enjoying the mall environment, checking some new technologies in the stores, following up with the trends, playing games full of excitement, trying various cafes and restaurants, and much more.

The second activity can be going to specific places containing a particular activity. Options on these places can be:

  • Dubai Mall Ice Rink
  • Ski Dubai
  • iFLY Dubai
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • Green Planet
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • IMG Worlds Of Adventures
  • KidZania
  • Jumble
  • Dubai Kartdrome
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and even more are there, but these are from the famous activities. These activities can also suit a group of friends and families for a great time while living in Dubai.

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Markets And Shopping Centers

To shop and explore markets in while living in Dubai is also an endless task you can do. With the variety and plenty of markets, malls, shopping centres, you can shop and explore things locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Of course, there are indoor and outdoor markets, depending on items and shops, the season, and the location of each market or the shopping centres.

Here I will list some indoor and outdoor markets that are permanently in Dubai, so you can visit anytime you want.

Indoor markets:
  • Wafi Mall
  • Dubai Mall
  • Souk Al Bahar
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Dubai Outlet Mall
  • Mercato Shopping Mall
  • Dragon Mart
  • City Centre Mirdif
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Surely there is more markets to mention, but these markets are the best indoor markets to visit while living in Dubai 2022.

living in dubai city walk
Outdoor markets:
  • Souk Madinat Jumeira
  • City Walk
  • Naif Souk
  • The Outlet Village
  • Gold Souk
  • Spice Souk
  • Perfume Souk
  • Textile Souk

There is also more outdoor markets, you can explore them locally, which are nice and interesting if you want to deeply dig into the culture.

Educational and Cultural Places

If you are someone curious and love to explore cultures to know more about them and their history, then this part is for you.

Speaking of education and culture, we all know that every country, city, and even village has cultural habits, which may seem attractive to many people.

While living in Dubai, there are a few places that you can visit to know more about its history, how UAE was born, and its cultural habits.

  • Dubai Old Town
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
  • Cross the Creek the old fashioned way
  • Al Seef
  • Soak in the Souks
  • Dubai Museum
  • Souq Ad Hadid Archaeology Museum
  • Burj NaharMajlis Ghorfat Um Al Sheif
  • Philately House
  • Jumeirah Archaeological Site
  • Hatta Heritage Village
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Visiting all the places listed above, you will almost get an enough knowledge about Dubai’s culture and education, along with some history stories.


Sports in Dubai, pretty gratifying actually. If you are looking to do some sports while living in Dubai, there is plenty to do; almost all sports are available in Dubai, from football to mini-golf.

There are places you can do your sports, like parks, running and cycling routes, public outdoor gyms, and so on. In addition, some sites have a particular sport you can only play in that specific place. 

For example, if you like to golf, you need to go to a particular place to play golf. If you would love to kart, that are places where you can kart.

I will list some places you be free to play your sport, and I will be mentioning particular sites with their sports.

If you want to play your sport in your mind, then you can go to:

  • Public parks
  • Kite beach
  • Jumeira beach running route
  • JBR outdoor gym
  • Skateparks
Here are some places with particular sports to do:
  • Dubai Sports World
  • Xtreme Water Sports
  • Sky Zone
  • Infinite Ski
  • Dubai Autodrome
  • Wavehouse
  • Street Maniax
  • 3D Blacklight Mini Golf
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You can also visit more places and do more sports, but these are from the top list you can enjoy, do unique sports, and blow off some steam.

Activities to do with Kids

Do you have kids you want to take for a memorable time-out? Then here are some great places that definitely all kids in Dubai will love.

Kids love to do new activities with all their energy, and indeed all kids always love to try new things and places. In Dubai, many areas were built and designed especially for families that got kids. Here are they:

  • KidZania
  • IMG Worlds of Adventures
  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • OliOli
  • LegoLand
  • VR Park
  • Dolphin Bay
  • Bounce Dubai
  • Ain Dubai
living in dubai underwater zoo

All these places kids will undoubtedly love, full of adventures and inspirations for every kid, to experience a great feeling and a new thing in life.

Desert Activities

We all know that the nature of Dubai is the desert. If you are living in Dubai or you are willing to visit it, make sure to visit its desert as well. 

Dubai’s desert is vast and extends to other emirates from the UAE, but once you are inside, it is all the same, as if you are in the middle of nowhere.

There are activities that you cannot do anywhere in Dubai but the desert. That is why you should visit the desert and understand what you can uniquely do there.

  • Riding Quadbikes
  • Sand surfing
  • Riding Camels
  • Safari
  • Dunes Mashing
  • BBQ and chill nights
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Vintage Landrover ride
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and other private activities that people of Dubai usually do during the winter season.

Sea and Beach Activities

Besides the desert, the other part of Dubai is its splendid seas and beaches.

In Dubai, there is not only one sea or one beach, multiple seas and beaches that Dubai has; each shares a unique view and joy. 

Like all other activity sections we covered in this blog, on Dubai’s beaches, you can do a lot of different activities as well. 

Some of the significant beach activities that you do while living in Dubai are beach volleyball, beach football, book reading, and more, all prepared and facilitated on these beaches: 

  • Kite Beach
  • La Mer Beach
  • Jumeira Public Beach
  • JBR Public Beach

The above are all public beaches with plenty of available activities you can do there. Some beaches are private, meaning you need to pay an entrance fee to enter. 

Inside the private beaches, there will be music, drinks and beverages, food and snacks, and most of them will have swimming pools besides the beach.

Some private beaches are:
  • Jumeira Hotels


  • Ritz Carlton


  • Five Palm Jumeira


  • Madinat Jumeira


  • Nikki Beach 


  • Zero Gravity
living in dubai beaches

Also, many hotels have private beaches, but you can still access the pool and beach with no need for staying at the hotel, and they call this Pool Access in hotels, which means you spend the entire day at the pool and the beach.

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Now coming to activities, you can be doing at the great sea of Dubai, which can include:

  • Jetskiing
  • Kite Surfing
  • Yacht tour 
  • Fishing
  • Marina Dinner Cruise
  • Speedboat Tour

These are some of the activities you can do in the sea of Dubai, which you can spend a whole day or at least 6 hours enjoying the amazing view of Dubai from the sea.

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After reading this post, you can tell yourself that now you almost know all activities that can be done while living in Dubai, places you can visit based on your interest, your purpose of visiting Dubai; whether you are with your group of friends, or with your family.

If you are already living in Dubai and living the great adventures, I hope you gained some of the tips you can make besides all the activities you’re already doing.

Haven’t been to Dubai before in your life? I highly recommend it, in Dubai, you will taste another feeling of living. You can also book your stay in Dubai at Luke Stays for the best guest experience in Dubai.