Luke Capital Group Shortlisted for Two Leading Categories in the STAA Property Manager Awards, 2022

The inaugural STAA Manager Awards will light up the city of London in November this year, and celebrate the best of the short-term rental industry.

The UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) is the trade association for the STR sector in the country. As a collective, STAA represents our booming STR industry to policymakers, to improve standards within our ecosystem, as well as drive opportunities for further growth. 

With the continued and sustainable development of the UK’s short-term rental space as its core mission, STAA has built a solid reputation in the industry; and it has only been a matter of time before them to set the bar (at the very highest); and introduce an awards ceremony that celebrates excellence in management and hospitality – above anything else.

Luke Capital Group has been shortlisted for The Best Property Manager award (Northern England), and The Best Use of Technology Award.

Read on to find out how we’ve continued to grow our brand since its very inception; and how we use our fantastic resources to “give back” to the industry.

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A Dream that Turned into a Mission and then went on to become a SUCCESS.

We don’t often write about our founding story, or our CEO Ryan Luke. But when you’ve been recognized for doing a good job (in whatever capacity that might be), it’s important to spend a moment in gratitude; and to reflect upon the journey that’s brought you to where you are.

That also will help many people with the skills they need to start a winning serviced accommodation business.

In Luke Capital Group’s case, the company was founded in late 2018 – when Ryan Luke was inspired by a person on stage at a sales conference in the UK.

The person was explaining how they were earning  £5000 a month per deal sold to investors – for simply viewing multiple properties and packaging them up and selling them. Ryan believed he too could do the same – perhaps even at a larger scale – and that is when he began to explore the lucrative world of property. 

The initial plan for our CEO was to actually get into deal sourcing; but upon finding some great deals near the beginning of his journey, he discovered a different way to keep them for himself, as he realized the importance of cash flow.

The interest in hosting properties to guests as short-term rental accommodation (via Airbnb and other platforms) came about when Ryan couldn’t rent out one of his properties; and had no choice but to go down this avenue instead. He explains how he simply popped into IKEA on one occasion to buy some furniture to kit the property out with, and within 24 to 48 hours of listing the property as an STR rental, he had already generated over 3.5k worth of bookings.

From then on, Ryan Luke was “hooked” to the industry – and saw its phenomenal potential. 

Around a year later, and with his UK business getting into a healthy flow, Ryan was inspired to take his model to the sunlit city of Dubai. A drive along Sheikh Zayed Road one evening marked the beginning of Luke Capital Group’s Dubai-based empire, as Ryan believed he could use the same systems and processes and introduce them to a different (and more lucrative) market. 

Luke Capital Group has since evolved into a globally recognized brand; and with our CEO’s and the team’s hard work, the company’s property management portfolio is now worth over £90 million – with more than 350 properties under its belt. 

The umbrella brand “Luke Capital Group” offers management solutions to property landlords, including a Guaranteed Rent model and a Short-Term Rental Management model. Both these services are complemented by the company’s in-house interior design team, marketing, and web development department, admin and finance department – as well as Ryan’s personal network of hundreds of industry professionals.

One of our other brand’s under the Luke Capital Group umbrella is Luke Stays – which offers the industry’s most trusted short-term rental accommodation properties across the UK, Europe, Dubai, and soon, the USA. 

There’s no denying that our company has come a long way since Ryan’s epiphany on Sheikh Zayed Road – and we couldn’t be more proud. 


What Does This Mean for You?

Of course, we would not be so self-indulgent to make our “success” all about us. As leaders of the industry, we understand the vital role others play in our journey – and how many of our wins would cease to exist without them.

As well as our internal team and suppliers, Luke Capital Group’s partners, (landlords and franchisees) and Luke Stays’ guests are at the helm of everything we do.

Our short-term rental accommodation company (Luke Stays) places huge importance on trust and building long-term relationships of loyalty with each of our guests while adhering to our TIC Values (Trust, Innovation, and Comfort). 

We have gone above and beyond to become I-PRAC Approved and launched StayCover for our guests (exclusive to Luke Stays and not available on OTAs) – so that our guests are guaranteed 100% trust, safety, and protection. 

While hospitality is a people-focused industry and we never compromise on this, our use of tech enables us to serve our guests, clients, and partners even more efficiently. In fact, a hotel we recently acquired in Jesmond, Newcastle, is now fully automated -for better guest experiences; and we continue to manage all our brands with inclusive tech tools.

As such, being involved with Luke Capital Group – in any capacity – is helping to give back to our industry’s growing ecosystem and raising the standards of hospitality. 


Find Us at the STAA Property Manager Awards in London

Some of the team from Luke Capital Group will be at the STAA Property Manager Awards in London this year to support other industry leaders and celebrate the excellence in our growing industry. There may even be a special appearance from Ryan Luke himself – should you wish to catch up with him on all things property and short-term rentals (and maybe clink a few glasses in the process).

For more information about the STAA Property Manager Awards, to purchase tickets, and to vote for Luke Capital Group for both nominations (as well as our incredible industry friends) please do visit: 

See some of you this winter.

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