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Mastering Your Mind In Business 2022- Inspiring Personal Insight From Our CEO

Mastering Your Mind in Business – A personal insight from Our CEO & Founder, Ryan Luke

I was sitting on my living room couch five years ago, hoping it would swallow me up in the whole. A thick fog of depression enveloped me, as I kept thinking to myself “What the hell is the point of this?”.

Then, at that exact point, I came across a Facebook advert for a Mindset Coach, which probably changed the entire trajectory of my life. From then on, I quickly learned that a big chunk of business success lies with working on your mindset; and having a solid support network around you.

It’s not often that you read such vulnerable truth from a successful business owner, who has a proven reputation for hitting huge commercial goals, in an industry that’s known to be fiercely intense. But that’s part of the problem I guess.

We live in a world that conditions us to “silence our inner demons”; and lock them up in a closet – with the hope that they’ll just disappear one day. Let me tell you from experience: This never works. The best of us experience periods of overwhelm and self-doubt in business; especially in the early stages of the journey, when you tend to find yourself in a very lonely place.

However, the difference between successful entrepreneurs and perhaps, ‘unsuccessful’ entrepreneurs is the ability to work through inadvertent dark thoughts and make it through the other side. It requires a heck of a lot of internal work, self-motivation and discipline – but having the right self-development practices in place; as well as an inner circle that roots for you, is positively life-changing.

The Journey with Luke Capital Group

Reflecting back on my own journey with Luke Capital Group, I can tell you that I only started to make ‘real serious moves’ in the property world after I doubled down on investing in my most important asset.

My most important asset was (and is) me. And this will be the case for you as well, regardless of where you might be in business right now. I invested in myself, relentlessly. This included making learning about integral subject matters in my business a top priority, as well as building a network of like-minded experts around me – some of whom were better at doing certain tasks than me. (And that’s okay, life is all about filling in the figurative gaps for each other).

mind in business

For example, a topic that continues to remain hugely important for my business is sales marketing (systems and processes). So, I make a point to expand my knowledge about this regularly – and make an effort to actually implement this knowledge into areas of my business, too.

It’s the implementation of knowledge that truly shows a return on your investment; and proves that you can increase your capital by investing in yourself “as an asset”. To this day, I don’t let a single day escape without me having learned something that I had very little idea about, the day before.

Building a Solid Support NetworkWorking on yourself and ‘mastering your mindset’ doesn’t mean alienating the support of others around you. I see this a lot in the business world.

In fact, it’s rife in the property world, among landlords who want to scale yet end up feeling ‘stuck’. The belief that “I’ll do everything because I’m the entrepreneur” is dated and often a shortcut to failure.

Why Invest In Networking

When I first invested in my support network years ago, not only did it lift a massive weight off my shoulders, my business began to blossom as a result of it. Having the right experts around you is a must for anybody who aspires to be a successful business owner.

If you have goals to build a legacy and to be remembered for more than just “existing”, then you need to build a collaborative team of people, who each tick a respective box for you. Most importantly, you’ll need to ensure that you align and share the same values and positive mindset, as this far surpasses any skills and qualifications (you can teach skills to the right people, after all).

After arming myself with a reliable team of experts, I realised that I had been my own biggest problem in business – though, I was also my own biggest solution. This change in mindset led me to acquire twenty-one properties in my first seven months of entering the property world, which was an achievement within itself.

However, I allowed this initial success (and all the hard graft that came with it) to lead me astray from my own personal development work. While things seemed rosy on the outside, what was happening behind the scenes was starkly different.

It was around this time that I ended up in the hospital, needing to take a few months off work to recharge. Rise and Fall; and Rise and Rise.

My “sabbatical” gave me a good chance to rethink my business model, strategies, systems, processes, and general way of life. What I’d experienced was a severe burnout; and so it was clear that I needed a team (more than I had initially thought) to help alleviate some of the business stress – that every entrepreneur is guaranteed to go through.

Together, my team and I put several processes in place – many of which relied on automation and the expertise of others. We built relationships of trust with the right suppliers, vendors and operators; and over the course of the next six months, I acquired another forty properties.

But this time, the success was not at the cost of my health. At last, I had managed to put the right daily personal habits and business processes in place – to this day, I continue to remind myself that success as such requires ongoing work.

So, I never rest on my laurels and ensure that I motivate my team to never fall into a place of complacency either. “Stronger Together” – the Franchise Model.

property franchise

After experiencing several knock-backs and having the scars to prove it, I thought about the importance of learning from business leaders who have already walked a path that you wish to embark on yourself. I figured that learning from other people’s mistakes is perhaps the fastest and most risk-averse way to learn.

How Did Ryan Create The Franchise Model?

Upon this period of reflection, I kept returning back to that afternoon of me sitting on the living room couch and how utterly lost I felt back then. Believe it or not, I was once the person who would desperately look for “Get Rich Quick Schemes” on the internet.

I was once the person who needed a mentor, who would give me some direction – on a road that felt as dark as night. So, in 2021, I put together a Franchise Model under the Luke Capital Group brand.

This was specifically designed for entrepreneurs who wanted to escape from the societal “rat race” and escape from their mundane 9-5 jobs and actually make something of themselves. I created a framework that would enable aspiring entrepreneurs (even if they had zero experience in property) to build their own profitable property business, so long as they were prepared to put the hard work in.

This was never intended to be a “golden ticket’ per sai, but a massive opportunity for those who are open to grafting – because building a business is never easy. There are many misconceptions about franchise models, and I do understand a lot of the fear that comes with it.

The difference with what I’ve created is that it’s a proven success method; because I’ve been there myself. The framework itself has been through the trenches and gathered all the battle scars and made costly mistakes, so my franchisees don’t have to.

In fact, what many people don’t realise is that those who invest in a franchise business are 90% likely to succeed. This is incredible when you compare it to the 15% chance of success for people who choose to go at it alone – the numbers really do speak for themselves.

Now, I was fortunate to be able to fall into the latter 15% (because I started from scratch). However, it doesn’t have to be this way for everyone – and it’s now become my mission to get as many people as possible to fall into that 90% success bracket, with a framework that I have poured all my knowledge into, and experience and personal values into.

The Ripple Effect I have immense gratitude for being able to pull myself out of a hole, that I’d found myself in many years ago. Sometimes I wonder if I was naturally better suited for this, as my personal strengths serve the requirements of this industry well.

I enjoy technology, I’m heavily systematic, and I favour time-saving automation tools. But regardless of the above, I’m a firm believer that when you have a specific skill that can help empower other people, you should 100% pass them on.


My skills allow me to build meaningful relationships faster, acquire more properties and really hone on the sales, marketing and branding elements of my business – which I feel every business owner should prioritise. So, I have captured this all into my business model.

With the hope to scale my own business across more continents around the world; but to also create more business leaders who can then go on to support their families and inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same.

Most importantly, I’d love for my community to continue working on themselves – as mastering your mindset is how long-term success is birthed. Drop a pebble in a pond and see where it goes.

In many ways, my work reflects the idea of The Ripple Effect in life – this is what keeps our industry; and the world at large, ticking.

Has my story resonated with you? I would love for you to find out about joining our growing network of franchisees, who are turning their lives around with the support of my team.

Start your property franchise business today with Luke Stays.