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Landlords’ Property Management

We Helped 300+ Landlords 3x The Revenue On Their Property Portfolio

We offer Premium Services for our landlords, by managing their property as a short term rental and holiday home. Our landlords are relieved from all stress and hassle in managing their property business.

Meet the experts that are specialised in Short Term Rental.

FREE Property Analysis

Check out the Free Property Analysis service for all landlords.

This service is made for FREE for all landlords for showing them how the property can make triple the profits as Short Term Rental with Luke Capital Group.

Landlords News

At Luke Capital Group, landlords are provided with stress-free and effortless ways and methods to increase their property portfolio revenue.

Luke Capital Group handles and manages the properties as Short Term Rentals and Serviced Accommodations, hosting short term guests rather than long-term tenants.

As Short Lets and Serviced Accommodation, Luke Capital Group triple the property’s income and allows all of the private landlords to multiply their property revenue by 3x!


The Team

Luke Capital Groups team of experts are a group of professionals that will always ensure that the properties are listed in an attractive way to maximise the bookings, including taking care of the property’s condition. 

All properties are always clean, well-maintained, flawless, and turned over quickly.

In addition, all landlords will forget about the stress, dealing with tenants or guests, and hassle-free service. On the same side, their properties are well-managed, and with higher lifetime earning potential.

We look after our landlords’ assets. Check our Landlords Services to know more.

Property Franchise

Luke Stays

We Support Every Franchise To Create Successful Property Businesses

With Luke Stays franchise, everyone can be a franchisee the moment they commit to creating a better life for themselves. 

We provide all the support our franchisees need to build their franchise property business successfully anywhere in the world.

We designed Luke Stays franchise to be a ‘Plug-n-Play’ business model, and it can start promptly.

Currently, Luke Stays operates in UK, UAE, and Europe.

By the end of 2022, Luke Stays will expand to the US, Australia, and East Asia.

Luke Stays Franchise has been established since 2018, and it is upgrading to be the easiest property franchise ever been.

It is designed to be the next generation hospitality company in the Hospitality Industry. Combining the latest technology features in short term rental and tech-designed tools to assure the most advanced services for the operations.

Since the establishment of the franchise, it was able to raise 40M£ in revenues, and expanding in UK, UAE, and across Europe.

The industry is booming since the beginning of 2020, with a great potential in returns and profits.

Franchise Latest News

Luke Stays has shown a 1400% growth rate in recent years, and it is expanding to Australia and the rest of the world.

Many investors and individuals are investing now in Luke Stays Franchise to be franchisees and start their guaranteed profitable franchise property business.

With 24/7 support, a team of experts with full availability, and the founder Ryan Luke, all investors and franchisees of Luke Stays are always supported in every step of their business.

Check out the Franchise page, to learn more about how the Franchise works.

Luke Stays

Online Travel Agency

Online Booking Platform Covering All Properties Across The Globe

The distinctive booking platform has been constructed for both hosts and guests, allowing smooth selection of any property directly from the world map.

Luke Stays platform offers a wide range of properties as holiday homes or serviced accommodation for guests from all over the world, easy to choose the subsequent stay of guests.

Luke Stays Properties

All properties on Luke Stays are well prepared for all guests worldwide, with the best services and facilities.

Visit Luke Stays, and check our online booking platform.

Industry News

Travel Industry is the second largest industry globally, with a great future to keep on expanding.

In the following years, the industry will be growing rapidly as people from all over the world are travelling even more than the previous years.

In 2021, the industry boomed and saw an increase in international tourism by 34% and domestic tourism by 71%, higher than expected.

The industry continues to thrive even more during 2022, expected to exceed 2019 records.

Luke Stays offers its guests from the whole world an excellent, memorable experience in hospitality services, always ensuring a 5-stars guest experience.

Accreditation & Recognition 

Luke Stays is proud to be an approved member of I-PRAC, with trustworthiness, legitimacy and professional standards.

I-PRAC only approves the best. Luke Capital Group is recognised for its efficient operation ecosystems and its brand ethics. 

I-PRAC is a globally recognised accreditation of trust and credibility with thousands of members around the globe, including some of the leading brands within the Short Term Rental sector.

If you want to know more about I-PRAC, visit their website;
I-PRAC | Global Accreditation Platform for Short-Term Rental Professionals.


We Control £50m+ property portfolio and 300+ properties across UK, UAE and Europe

Luke Capital Group property investments are expanding every hour and day, every place and country.

In 2022, Luke Capital Group will be operating in the US and Australia, spreading into Asia.

Currently, Luke Capital Group is developing blocks consisting of stunning flats with amazing views, including all facilities and services, with the latest technologies.

Many investors approached Luke Capital Group in 2021, and more investors are joining the company in 2022.

News On Investments

Property Investments of Luke Capital Group are considered safe and 100% profitable.

Through property investments in Luke Capital Group, 25% profit is considered as a minimum margin on all properties.

In Luke Capital Group, there are other types of investments that gives the flexibility of all investors to control and monitor their investments alongside the company.

Why Invest

Luke Capital Group proves that Short Term Rental property investment is one of the best 6 top investments. With a guarantee of great returns potential on each property.

Moreover, all money is safe and increases over time, earning a growing income stream and hiding away from the tax burden.

The objective of Luke Capital Group investments is to save up and meet all financial goals. It has high earning potential with low risk on investments, unlike Stocks and high yield bonds.

Visit our Invest page, and see how the investments work.

Technology In
Short Term Rentals

Most Advanced Technology Features Following The Future Of Hospitality

Luke Capital Group always invests in Technology, and tech-upgrading the company operations on a regular basis.

Travel and Hospitality Industries are evolving and changing as future comes, and Luke Capital Group is always on the top of them.


All properties of Luke Capital Group are ensured to be of the top quality, provided with high advanced technologies that maintain the property to be always in the best condition.

Check out our Technology In Short Term Rentals page, to know more about the advanced technology methods that Luke Capital Group uses to maximise our clients’ profits.

Digital News & Services

Luke Capital Group provides advanced digital services for managing all the properties from a digital front desk.

All operations can be managed from a mobile phone through premium concierge service.

Furthermore, a unique customer service 24/7 to support all guests and hosts, providing seamless communication to ensure instant response and solutions. 

Membership App

Luke Capital Group developed an app that provides a full guide for all resorts, beaches, spas, gyms, pools, and other facilities provided from all properties.

The app also acts as a membership card that allows all guests to get access to any facilities they want.

Within a 90 seconds time, guests can issue the membership access, and start enjoying all the facilities of the properties.

AI-Powered Messaging

The advanced method of messaging covers the entire guest experience.

AI models are used to detect and answer guests’ most frequent questions.

Messages are sent for specific properties, times and events – from inquiry to review (and everything in between).

In addition, it is automated for review publishing.

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