Had You Realised There’s More to This Business Than Property and Rental Agreements?

The way we do business has changed. As a new generation of Gen Z entrepreneurs follows on from the already forward-thinking millennial CEOs, there has never been a more influential transition in the way brands operate within our industry and in rental agreements.

Terms like “emotional marketing” and “trust” have started to take centre stage. And for a good reason, too, as human beings are biologically wired to make decisions based on emotions (more than anything else).

We have all read about how successful businesses promote “benefits over features” – and even in an industry that can seem as corporate as property and rental agreements, there are numerous benefits that go far beyond fiscal rewards and actually contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable business ecosystem.

Luke Capital Group is one of the
fastest-growing brands in the industry, but our increasing scalability doesn’t mean that we have forgotten the “do good” element of business. 

Read today’s blog to find out how the business of property management and being a landlord can “give back” in so many meaningful ways. 


What Do Rental Agreements or Properties Actually Enable?

We write in thorough detail about the ins and outs of our property management models, whether it be in the realms of Guaranteed Rent or Short-Term Rentals. 

As such, it is easy to get caught up in the business side of things – figuring out partnerships, strategies, and various revenue streams.

While all these things remain immensely important (and points we will continue to discuss), have you ever stopped to wonder that, as a landlord, you could be providing so much more to a person than just a roof over their head?

We recently learned that such is the case with Luke Capital Group (and many other hosts, we’re sure) – after receiving the most heartwarming feedback from a guest at one of Luke Stays’ properties in Newcastle, UK. See the image below. 

the best rental agreements

This screenshot is mainly to prove the authenticity of our story (though it’s a little difficult to read). 

To give you some context, this is a comment from a guest who was trying to escape from a dangerous personal situation and found refuge in one of Luke Stays’ properties, along with her baby. 

The guest described our team as helpful and supportive during what would have been a very frightening situation and explained that the property was fully equipped with everything she needed. Most importantly, this guest felt safe and secure while staying with us – and this is undoubtedly something we are most proud of.

Sometimes in business, it is easy to forget what the features of our products and services are enabling others to do. In this case, we have contributed to a pinnacle moment in this guest’s life; one which we hope she can look back on with pride and gratitude (because she absolutely deserves it).

This is how property management and short-term rental brands go on to become something much bigger than just service providers. While this might sound a little airy-fairy to you now, imagine the positive financial impact of this story as it continues to spread far and wide and allows people to see that Luke Stays’ has helped empower another human being. 

This is how trust and brand loyalty is created – and this is far more valuable than attracting just one guest or tenant off the back of a discounted booking rate. The latter only results in short-term gains, not long-term loyalty and business. 

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Become Part of a Feel-Good Team, as a Property Landlord

Not only do we offer incredible benefits like no void periods, guaranteed rent, or even the chance to quadruple your monthly rental income when you rent your property to us – there are a number of emotional benefits of partnering with Luke Capital Group, as our story with the guest proves.

You will be associated with a company that has a gleaming reputation in the industry and has already cemented that irreplaceable trust and loyalty among guests and tenants. In return for very little work and investment, you could be part of a growing community of socially responsible professionals – who are creating wealth and creating happy memories at the same time.

Property Landlord

Now, if that isn’t a reason to find out more about our available opportunities with Luke Capital Group, then what is?

Get in touch with our friendly team today.