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How To Become A Well-known Industry Mentor

You often find people who are exceptionally skilled in a certain area, yet struggle to teach that skill to others, or be an industry mentor and cannot do it. This is understandable – not everybody is a natural-born teacher. However, I’ve always believed that when you’re able to educate others around your chosen niche, that’s when you truly know your stuff.

So, I made it a priority early on in my property business to teach my material to others. It hasn’t always been easy and I don’t have a specific teaching ‘qualification’. But now, I’m trusted by many all over the world to share my knowledge and experience.

How does one go from being a fresh-faced businessperson to an industry-renowned mentor? Read today’s blog to find out.

The Beginning Of The Journey Of An Industry Mentor

We all remember the peak of the pandemic.

All of a sudden, we were lumbered into an online world that would now become our business (and our social lives), entirely.

At this point, I was only a few months into my business, Luke Capital Group – after having set up twenty-one units. So, in a bid to be resourceful under the circumstances, I made the decision to offer more online sessions to people. You could say, Covid kind of catapulted me into teaching; and I’ve not looked back since.

My advantage was that because I’d already set up twenty-one units in such a short space of time (what takes some people years to do), I’d collected a decent amount of experience anyway. So, although I was by no means ‘perfect’, I was confident in my ability to pass some wisdom on.

The hardest part of starting out as a mentor is knowing how much to charge. It’s a fine balance between knowing your worth and what’s reasonable and fair for the client.

The very first person I coached was quoted just £200 per month! I can’t help but cringe while revealing that figure, but undercharging in a situation like this is such a common mistake. On the upside, it’s something you’re guaranteed to learn from.

As I settled into the world of mentoring, my confidence naturally grew.

industry mentor teaching his mentee

The Evolving Of My Mentorship

The biggest mistake many mentors and teacher-figures make at this point is that they rest on their laurels (believing that they’ve learned everything they need to).

This was certainly not the case for me.

Not only did I want to upgrade my service; but I’d always had this innate drive to actually deliver value to people. The “helping others” element of my work has always been important to me. I would never just mentor for the sake of receiving a fee. That’s not how it works.

With this in mind, I invested in a course that helped me understand how to deliver training courses to other people with even more impact and value. That particular mentorship cost me £35,000 in total – and even covered areas of marketing, positioning and selling.

At £35,000 it was certainly a steep investment (and the most I’ve ever spent on mentorship); but if I’m not willing to invest in my own learning, then why should I expect others to invest their money in me?

Invest In Yourself

I learned so much from that experience and earned my investment back (and then some!). Though the rewards of that course went far beyond fiscal gains because I developed so much as a professional mentor. I now have a clear understanding of how to help my clients get results and tailor my training courses so that they suit everybody’s needs.

Most importantly, I have a deep-seated confidence that helps me deliver time and time again. That’s the magic of investing in yourself as a mentor.

The mentoring didn’t stop with my clients.

Keep On Learning

I was learning new material every day (as part of a ritual I’d created). Naturally, to help deliver value to my clients and to help polish up my own knowledge, too.

But every time I picked up something new, I would take a few of my team members that same morning and teach them what I’d learned. Whether it be a lesson in marketing, accounts, or sales – for me, knowledge deserves to be passed on; and if I can share that with my internal team, then we’re all winners.

the mentor and what he does

Discover and Declare

This particular method is what I call “Discover and Declare” – where you learn something, and ensure you understand it, by teaching it to somebody else. I still do this to this very day; and while my intentions may seem largely awkward, it’s a practice everybody benefits from.

In Latin, they refer to it as “docendo discimus” (“by teaching, we learn”) because this philosophy itself dates as far back as 4 BC – and so, is a tried and trusted method!

“Honour and Inspire Others for My Light and Life.

Appreciate and Inspire Others for My Body and Gain”

This is a mantra I chant to myself during meditation, every day.

It sums up perfectly, my philosophies of teaching and as a result, inspiring others.

Trusted Property Mentor

I cannot even begin to tell you about the number of times I’ve felt my throat go dry at business networking meetings from the early days. Or back in school, when the teacher would scan across the classroom looking for somebody to answer her question, I’d desperately think to myself “Please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me”.

But fast forward a few years, and now that I’m in a position where I’m comfortable with my level of knowledge and expertise, then the ‘teaching’ happens naturally; and it’s an absolute pleasure, too.

My mantra reaffirms that by inspiring others with the material I have to share, I’m inadvertently feeling ‘empowered’ and lifting myself, too. This motivates me to keep levelling up and serving as an example to my mentees.

Nobody will trust a property mentor, who can’t afford to keep a roof over his own head.

It might sound harsh, but it’s true. In order to be the best mentor you can be, you must continue investing in yourself, evolving, continuing to learn and setting an example for those who follow you.

It’s why we say in our Franchise Community, that when our franchisees win, we win. When you really think about it, teaching and learning are so closely interconnected, one can’t possibly happen without the other – and that’s what makes it so special.