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Property Manager – Proud To Be An I-PRAC Ambassador

As a property manager and relatively large player in the short term rental space across various worldwide countries, we are always striving to be the best and help the industry grow as a whole.

Whilst we would love to have a monopoly it is practically impossible, this is a trillion-dollar industry we are operating in and I am not sure even Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder in case you have been living under a rock) can afford that much property to service the demand.

Property Manager

Part of Ryan’s (CEO) mission in early 2020, after seeing what happened during the COVID pandemic, was to try and improve the standards of the industry. A lot of people “guaranteed rent” to landlords only to leave them high and dry when Airbnb turned their booking platform off. The ones that did survive started to cut costs in areas that drastically reduced guests’ experience and in some cases exposed them to serious risk… this didn’t sit well with someone who is so passionate about the industry.

As a successful property mentor, Ryan is able to spread his values and ensure his students take the professional approach that is going to change this industry however that wasn’t going to be enough.

Along came I-PRAC…

i-prac property manager

Chris Maughan, founder of I-PRAC and the AES Events group in Cannes, South of France and Ryan struck up an instant friendship and not only because they were both from the North East of England.

Their desire want to bring change to this industry to ensure the professional operators like the AES Events Group and the Luke Capital Group wouldn’t suffer because of the rogues and more importantly, the guests wouldn’t suffer because of the scammers that are out there trying to infiltrate any industry they can to make an illegal buck.

If you head over to our online booking platform, you will see a video of a doll’s house being sold on Airbnb and how easy it can be for criminals to take advantage of an innocent guest looking for accommodation when travelling away from home. SERIOUSLY!!

Chris and his team at I-PRAC have successfully registered thousands of professional operators in 2020 alone and continue to pave way for the future of safety and regulation in the short term rental industry. Something which is needed on a global scale so the genuine operators can continue to take bookings and offer high-quality accommodation to guests that trust them and know that they are safe staying with them.

Ryan and the team at the Luke Capital Group are proud to fly the I-PRAC flag as an ambassador for this change and will continue to support Chris and his team in getting the message out there.

Good people were put on this planet to change the world for the better and this is certainly Ryan and Chris’s dream intention for the short term rental space.