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8 Reasons Awesome Landlords Should Use Rent Guarantee Service

When you own an investment property, you want to maximise the return on property investment and it doesn’t take much to diminish those returns.

Our Rent Guarantee Service

This is where a company like ours and our landlord rent guarantee service, in particular, becomes the saviour of the day, in fact, the saviour of the decade, to the majority of landlords.

As a company we don’t just operate serviced apartments or holiday furnished lets, we have our fair share of tenants as well and we know all too well the problems they can face:

  • Not paying their rent
  • Paying their rent late, so you waste time chasing them
  • Late-night phone calls because someone turned the boiler off by accident
  • Potential tenants booking viewings and not showing up
  • Damages to the properties that aren’t covered by the deposit
  • Downtime and financial implications during an end-of-term refurbishment
  • Void periods searching for new tenants
  • Estate agents’ management fees
  • Tenant finders’ fees are going up in 2023
  • Estate agents not fulfilling their role and taking no ownership
rent guarantee service

And let’s just hope you never experience a cannabis farm growing in one of your properties… they are expensive end of term refurbishments for sure.

If this resonates with you and you are looking for a better option you are about to find the best tenant you will ever have…

Our rent guarantee service is everything you need to have a stress-free income from your property.

The Luke Capital Group will offer you a fair market value rent guarantee service for as many years as you want, 1, 5, 10 or more and we can do this because we know our service works for not only you the landlord, but for our guests as well so they keep booking.

Imagine you have a long-term tenant who pays you in advance, takes care of your property, and always maintains it as the best property anyone wishes to book. You will sign up with no hesitation if you know how our rent guarantee service works.

Now let’s look at the benefits of a landlord rent guarantee contract from us:

  • No voids… ever (even during COVID)
  • We will spend our money on uplifting the value of your property
  • You will never have to pay a fee for your property to be managed
  • There is no tenant finders fee
  • There will be no end-of-term refurbishment cost to incur
  • You will never hear from us (unless you want to of course)
  • We can rent your property within 24 hours
  • We can guarantee the rent on your entire portfolio should you wish
  • We could potentially save you some tax (depending on how you are setup)

Within the first 3 years of operating the business, we have successfully controlled in excess of £30m worth of property. Working with landlords all over the world on this exact strategy.


If they think it’s a game-changer for them why wouldn’t you…?

Open a live chat conversation with one of our friendly team members today, explore the opportunity that lies before you, and improve that bottom line over the coming years without the headaches.

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Enquire about our rent guarantee service and change your property business to a stress-free income.