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FREE property analysis to discover how you can make 3x more money by hosting guests vs tenants!

Are you a landlord who owns a property and wants to make more profit from it? Then you are in the right place!

With our team of experts, we can analyse your property and show you how you can increase your profits by almost triple the amount using our Short Term Rental method.

Do you want to make more profit? Sure you do.

property evaluation
property valuation
property valuation
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property valuation

Short Lets and Serviced Accommodation FREE Analysis

Imagine handing your property over to a short term rental property management company and in the first month you receive a payout 4x more than what you were receiving from your tenant.

This industry is booming right now and it is no the wonder thousands of landlords are jumping from the traditional way of renting with tenants for a small profit to this easy high cash flowing strategy renting to guests. 

The best part of it all is we offer the lowest management fee on the market at only 10% plus VAT to help you drive more profit, acquire more property and grow your wealth faster. 

To find out what you could earn, all you have to do is provide us with your property address, then our team of experts will evaluate the area and your property and provide you with a comprehensive analysis report showing you what you are missing out on and how easy it is to get started.

Increase your property returns with us!

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Fill in your details and your property address, and start your FREE Short Term Rental valuation now.

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Fill out your details for your FREE short term rental analysis.

We will analyse your property and show you how your property will perform as a short term rental or holiday home. 

Luke Capital Group is one of the most trusted property managers across UK, Europe, and UAE.

Property Management As A Short Term Rental

Luke Capital Group, via it’s Luke Stays division are continuously handling the properties of their premium landlords, by fully managing the property from A to Z, property listings, guests experience, maintenance and repairing plus much more whilst at the same time generating higher returns for those landlords than ever before.

Manage Your Property as Short Term Rentals.


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