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Kitting Out Your Profitable Short Term Rental Property For Contractors

What Busy Contractors Are Looking For In Your Short Term Rental Property

Contractors are frequently required to travel and work on sites where “traditional” hotel options aren’t readily available. This presents an excellent opportunity for short term rental and serviced accommodation providers like you – as you can easily make contractor bookings a large part of your monthly income. 

If you’ve not yet considered marketing your short term rental property to contractors, take a moment to consider the rising population of accommodation options like yours, among this demographic. 

In fact, according to a recent report from ASAP (Association of Serviced Accommodation Providers), there’s been a notably growing trend in contractors and business people who prefer the idea of STRs and serviced accommodation – and it’s more than likely that this trend is set to rise even more.

So, there’s no better time to up your short term rental game and ensure your properties are fully kitted out for contractors. 

While these guests will have the same basic needs as everybody else (ie, comfort, space and security) – there are some specifics that you’ve got to nail, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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How You Can Get Your Properties Contractor Ready – and Keep Those Direct Bookings Coming In 

Speedy and Easily Accessible Wifi 

In this day and age, Wifi is the holy grail that binds us all together.

While a speedy internet connection is a must for nearly every human being these days, you’d be surprised by the number of hotels and STR properties that have flakey connections or those that require ridiculously long passwords (with every symbol known to man) to just get access to the World Wide Web.

For a time-poor contractor, there is NOTHING more annoying.

The majority of these guests will want to catch up with emails first thing in the morning, prep for meetings just before bedtime, or simply have a reliable connection to FaceTime their families on.

In fact, it’s guaranteed that Wifi is one of the first things your contractor guests will inquire about when looking to book a stay with you. So, ensure that what you’re offering is speedy and easily accessible (and then make that very clear on your short-term rental company’s website!). 

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High Quality Shower / Shower Room Facilities 

Never underestimate the value of a good shower in the morning.

One that spits out tepid water or doesn’t have space to keep shower gels and soaps (so guests are wasting time bending up and down) is guaranteed to spoil a contractor’s busy morning.

Your guests will be looking for convenience, speed, efficiency; and for their lives to be made easier while they’re juggling work-related errands. 

According to eHotelier, the majority of guests normally look for bathroom facilities that are better than what they have at home and claim that these things massively impact the overall stay and experience. 

So, as well as triple-checking that the designated shower area in your short-term rental property is clean (and by clean, yes professionally cleaned) – do ensure that it’s working well, consistently providing hot water and has enough space for guests to go about their business.

It may not be at the top of your priority list; but your guests will always remember a bad shower experience – and if it’s not really bad, then they most likely WILL mention it in reviews. 

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Flexible Room Set-Ups and Living 

“Flexibility” really is the magic word when it comes to STR accommodation for contractors. It’s easily among the top reasons why these guests prefer this type of living option, over traditional hotel rooms. 

Often, contractors travel with colleagues (or a larger team); whereby booking numerous different rooms can get expensive. So, booking an entire apartment or short-term rental home makes far more sense – as long the room and living set-up are flexible (remember, this is completely different to STR accommodation for leisure stays).

Factor-in things like single beds, and sofa beds and get creative when marketing properties with en-suites. Your guests will appreciate completing the booking process in just one big swoop, rather than booking different rooms under different names – and will be far more likely to stay with you again. 

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Home Comforts (the little things) 

You don’t need to spend an extortionate amount of money with a state-of-the-art milk frothing machine or a thousand lavender-scented candles, but it does pay off to have those must-have “home comforts”. Not only will this make your guests’ stay more comfortable; but it’ll provide ample convenience too. 

Busy work schedules mean that contractors usually want to unwind in the evenings and cook simple dinners for themselves – rather than go out for three-course meals. So, make their lives easier by stocking up the kitchen with plates, utensils and cooking pots and saucers. A value-for-money coffee machine is a good idea, as well as knives and chopping boards (in case they want to prepare their own packed lunch for work). 

You could also provide contact numbers for local takeaways in the area if there are any – which is always a nice touch. It’s all about pre-empting your guests’ everyday needs, no matter how simple. 

Other “home comforts” include things like towels and basic toiletries; and good quality linen and pillows. Busy workers all need a good night’s sleep. 

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Ample Space and Storage 

The one area where short term rental properties win hands-down over hotel rooms is the ample space they provide. Contractors travelling for work really appreciate this, as a spacious living area promotes relaxation and the practice of unwinding. 

In fact, did you know that small and cluttered living spaces are more likely to cause feelings of stress and anxiousness?

Get smart with the space you already have available in your short-term rental property. There’s no need to overcrowd it with too many desks and cupboards; but ensure that your guests have a nice space to work on their laptops (ideally, that’s near a socket); and that there’s some space in the property for them to practice morning meditation – which has become increasingly common among working professionals. 

Another good idea – if you have the room on your property – is setting up some kind of a reading spot for morning reading/ journaling sessions; and a well-lit spot near a socket where guests can have online meetings, if necessary. 

spacious kitchen and storage areas


While these pointers serve as an excellent guide, don’t forget to make your short term rental property “your own”. Contractor stays do not necessarily translate as “boring” and there are plenty of ways for you to personalise the guest experience and ensure contractors keep returning to your accommodation (for the amenities and the hospitality) again and again. 

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