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How Does a 90% Chance of Success Sound to You? Make it Happen with a Franchise Business

An insightful Forbes article once compared teamwork in business to the Thunderbirds program. 

Essentially, it was trying to explain that businesses (and any kind of business community) function at their best when every team member feels valued and like they’re part of the most elite team in the world. 

This is no surprise, given that it’s been proven that franchise business owners are 90% likely to succeed with their respective goals – compared to those who go at it alone.

Find out how we lock in success with our thriving franchise model at Luke Stays and why more and more aspiring property business owners are becoming drawn to this strategy and even giving up their full-time jobs for it. 

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Franchise Business at Luke Stays

If you think about it, we all have one common goal in our industry. Creating more time and choices for ourselves, so that we can ultimately live more rounded and fulfilled lives. Whether that means spending more time with the children and securing their future with one person or travelling the world with another person – the common mission is always about “more choices”.

We also tend to have the same enemies. And these aren’t necessarily in the form of other people who we believe are “out to get us”.

A lot of the time, the thing that stands in the way of our success is our lack of self-belief, our lack of commitment; and maybe even our tendency to procrastinate and become complacent, purely because that feels safe and familiar.

Our line of work can receive a lot of criticism. Some of it can become quite personal; and most of it is due to a huge lack of education among the vast population (outside of our industry). 

This is why teamwork is at the helm of everything we do with our franchisees at Luke Stays. Not only does this support one’s emotional and mental health – in a business that is definitely not for the faint-hearted –  but it guarantees a greater chance of “winning” in the process.

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Success is Always a Two-Way Street

The business of partnerships and franchises is one that needs to be thoughtfully forged and nurtured so that they’re equally beneficial for both parties involved.

Let’s be honest; our industry is guilty of making a lot of noise with “partnership announcements” that often fizzle out, or amount to very little in the long-run. This is something we try to remain wary of – – and since the get-go, we’ve wanted our franchise opportunities at Luke Stays to be positioned as a solid business offer for both our partners,  and ourselves.

In our case, this is a business opportunity (that requires a lot of effort to actually work); and not a road to mentorship where we simply hold everybody’s hands as they “magically” become successful. 

We’re very upfront about the commitment that’s required with our potential franchise partners; and feel this transparency helps us build that all-important trust and sets us on the right track, moving forward.

You see, the reason our franchises become wildly successful is that the Luke Stays’ team go “ALL IN’ – because our back’s on the line, too. We actually have a personal goal of reaching 5000 units by 2024, and this can only happen with the help of the incredible franchise partners we work with. It truly is a “you scratch my back, and I scratch yours” kind of situation. 

When aspiring property business owners join the Luke Stays family – whether they have prior experience or not – they’re armed with all the resources, training, support and information they need. Essentially, we’re offering a “plug in and play” property business model that can be set up and scaled in any part of the world (and we teach business owners how to look after their units internationally, too).

Naturally, when our franchise partners succeed – we benefit from it, too. Not only from a business point of view – but to see people changing their own lives as well as the lives of their families – while knowing that we’ve contributed to it somehow is a joy like nothing else.

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Making Those Goals More “Reachable” 

Setting up your own short term rental or serviced accommodation business is no easy feat. More often than not, people give up on the idea before even starting – because the enormity of the task(s) ahead of them becomes too overwhelming.

When you join a trusted brand as a franchisee, the majority of the “back-end” work has already been taken care of for you. You no longer need to start from the ground-up nor walk into a room without anybody knowing which brand you’re representing. 

As such, success becomes more “accessible”. You will naturally find some goals to be more attainable, as we’ll have put many of the systems and processes in place for you. As a franchisee who is approaching landlords, investors, and even guests, you will be doing so with the confidence of a ready-made brand – and this alone, will make your entrepreneurial journey a thousand times easier. 

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So, if you feel you deserve that 90% chance of success, why not get in touch with our team and discuss our franchise opportunities further? Remember, we’re always #StrongerTogether, and with our franchise model, we won’t rest until your goals have been fulfilled.