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Luke Capital Groups 2022 Rebuild Initiative: Supporting Landlords In The Short Term Rental Sector


As we continue to navigate through these difficult times, and full recovery of the Short Term Rental Sector still seems premature, Luke Capital Group continues to support the industry via their Luke Stays division which specialises in short lets and serviced accommodation and confirms a second rebuild initiative. 

Luke Stays new Initiative offers new landlords a very attractive 10% property management fee to help them bounce back as we head into a busy summer full of bookings followed by a predicted tough winter ahead. 

If you are ready to work with a professional short let and serviced accommodation expert, you can go to our short let property management services.  You can also check our FREE property review to check your property as a short term rental business.

Once you have submitted your property details our team will go straight to work on your predicted revenue for the next 12 months and show you what you can expect to receive as a passive free, hands-off property investment, operating in the most lucrative property strategy right now. 

So WHY should you choose Luke Stays as your preferred property partner for short term rental hosting? 

Guests are looking to book with trusted and professional operators of the Short Term Rental Industry. After hosting over 100,000 guests since the company was launched in 2018 we have built an abundance of trust online,  By showcasing we are a member of I-PRAC and are approved by the International Property Rental Approval Certification it allows us to not only showcase trust but our potential guest, it also increases our booking conversion rate by up to 40%.

Operating across 28 locations worldwide and counting we have a wealth of experience in all types of markets. Whether we are hosting contractor bookings in the UK for several months at a time, expat arrival stays in Dubai during their visa issuing process or luxury holiday homes in the Algarve plus many more guest types, we know how to attract guests and we know how to deliver a 5-star experience. 

Now more than ever, short-term rental businesses are having to focus on sustainability and consumer confidence to remain afloat. As a result of COVID-19, the entire travel and hospitality industry continues to struggle, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for landlords and property managers in the short-term rental industry. 

That’s why Luke Stays has launched its second COVID-19 STR Rebuild Initiative.

From the 1st of June 2022, Luke Stays can now manage your property, drive your booking revenue and turnover your guests for as little as 10% plus VAT. 

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How can we do this? 

Due to the volume of properties now under management and ownership, we benefit from economies of scale versus the majority of property managers in the market who are much smaller. We have worked incredibly hard on our team structure, systems and processes over the years which helps drive operational costs down, creating a win-win for the landlord and ourselves which is crucial to any long term business relationship with a property management company. 

Your profitability is at the forefront of our minds at all times and we treat your properties like our own. We understand that a lot of landlords don’t want to manage their own properties in the short term rental sector yet they want to be involved and this is where the Luke Stays property management division of the Luke Capital Group comes into its own. 

During the past 18 months, the sector has seen incredible highs and catastrophic lows as we tried to navigate all the COVID rules in multiple locations around the world. Landlords have been hit with rental void periods and bad tenants and are looking to switch investment strategies. As all-inclusive rentals offer utility bills, Wi-Fi etc the costs are going up not down in the majority of locations around the world as fuel prices soar. The Luke Capital Group has also been feeling the squeeze and as such we want to help landlords continue to remain profitable by renting to guests rather than tenants. 

We can do this by reducing your management fees from the typical 15% to 25% of the industry charges to only 10% by passing on the economies of scale savings we attract in our efficient business model. 

Greed gets you nowhere in life and the Luke Capital Group is built around an ethos of putting the customer first and adding value to others before yourself. By doing this you prosper and build long term relationships and that is what we aim to achieve with all our property partners, landlords and investors. 

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What do you receive as a property investor using Luke Stays as your short lets and serviced accommodation property management company:

  • Expert revenue management and dynamic pricing to maximise your profits at all times. 
  • Access to our direct booking marketing strategies to increase your bookings and reduce your OTA commissions. 
  • Your property will be advertised across the globe using our advertising partners and email database. 
  • An experienced guest service team that delivers world-class communication to our guests and turnover management to ensure the next guest arrives at their 5-star experience. 
  • Your properties will be branded with the I-PRAC logo to help increase booking conversions to your property. More info on I-PRAC can be found by clicking here.
  • Real-time access to our owners portal so you can check in on your revenue as much or as little as you wish.
  • A long term property management company that sees you as a partner and will go the extra mile to ensure your success. 

By becoming a part of this initiative, you are stepping into a new world of property management with a globally recognised brand. 

Alone we can only go so far, together we can go so much further. 

To see how much revenue we could generate for your property head over to our short let property management page here.

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