our Short term rentals technology

what we technologically offer

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Increased Security

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Reduction In Maintenance Costs & Energy Bills

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Increased Profitability From Reselling No Show Nights

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5-Star Guest Reviews Resulting In More Bookings

mobile tech

As part of our commitment to providing only the highest quality short-term rental product in the market, we invest heavily in technology systems and processes in order to deliver a five-star experience for our guests at all times.

As property managers, we know how challenging it can be to run a portfolio.


Digital Front Desk – Concierge Service

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Lobby is on your phone

Digital contactless check-in  

Custom, branded and memorable

Premium guest experience

Casual and personalized service

Common repetitive questions  are answered

Increased efficiency

Better reviews


Short term rentals – online booking platform


Our direct online booking platform, Luke Stays, offer advanced services that suits best for all our clients. 

All services are regularly checked and tested to maintain the best experience for all of our clients.

Luke Stays is our Online Travel Agency, which lists all of our properties and our hosts’ properties, for the guests to book and make their travelling as much easier as possible.

Our goal and mission is to provide hassle-free services for all our clients and make their lives easier with us using our technology systems.

Visit Luke Stays online platform to learn more.


Luke Stays is fully integrated booking engine that accept credit card payments. In addition, our marketing team is always optimising the platform for SEO and GDPR to ensure that all listing are in their best version for efficient booking from all guests worldwide on any device and software.

guest experience – rated 5-star 


Smart locks transform existing door locks  into digital access systems

Mounted on top of the existing cylinder

LUKE CAPITAL GROUP assigns unique access codes for every guest and team members

Smart intercom opener retrofits to existing  intercom systems to provide keyless and  fobless building access

Easily retrofits to existing intercom and  mimics open signal when guest buzzes  unit

smart locks
smart house
SMART sensors

Noise, occupancy, and air quality  monitoring for the property.

Measures noise decibels, CO2,  temperature, and humidity; send alerts to LUKE CAPITAL GROUP.

We use CO2 to measure room occupancy  and trigger alerts, proactively preventing  violations: parties, etc.

No recording takes place; guest privacy is  maintained.

SMART hvac equipment

Sleek, intuitive thermostat to impress  guests and lower energy costs.

LUKE CAPITAL GROUP automatically adjusts temperature  prior to check-in for comfortable arrival.

Sleek touchscreen display for guest usage  during reservation.

Intelligent setbacks after check-out time  and when unit is unoccupied (measured  via CO2 sensors) produce up to 30%  chilled water and electricity savings.

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smart thermostat

Advanced operations systmes

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Power of technology in short term rentals

A Message From The Founder


The company has always been a tech first organization from day one and continues to implement more and more technology. I am very passionate around this subject as it creates so much efficiency in our business compared to the competition which ensures the guest experience is very high. This is priority #1 for any hospitality business looking to thrive in the 21st century.

Ryan K Luke, Founder & CEO

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