World Cup 2022

How the World Cup will Boost Dubai and Surrounding Areas 

With the World Cup set to kick off in November this year, it’s not just Qatar that’s seeing a massive spike in tourism. Surrounding areas, in particular, the gold-studded city of Dubai, is expected to benefit from a huge boost as well – making it the most lucrative time for property hosts and short-term rental operators. 

Dubai: The Hub of the World Cup 

An astonishing 1.5 million visitors are expected to descend to Doha for the tournament, with many having booked time off work and accommodation months in advance.

However, Doha provides (as an estimate) only 130,000 rooms – via hotels and cruise liners, meaning that football fans will need to look a little further out for short-stay accommodation. And make no mistake, many of these visitors are willing to pay good money for it. 

With an air travel distance of just 256 miles (less than an hour on a plane), Dubai is an obvious choice for many visitors who are looking to enjoy the World Cup this winter. For this reason, flight tickets have already surged in price – but are expected to drop to an extent as chartered flights become available.

General Manager of the Radisson Red Dubai, Stuart Birkwood, said to a source on that “There’s an expectation that many football fans heading to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will use Dubai either as a staging post or as a pre or post-visit option due to Dubai’s excellent visitor options and attractions”. 

So, as a city that already attracts millions of tourists every year, you can be sure that the World Cup is going to put Dubai on the map – now, more than ever. 

world cup football stadium

Why is Dubai the Perfect Base for FIFA Fans this Year? 

Well, apart from the fact that Dubai offers some of the world’s best tourist sights, activities and holidays that are doused in luxury and phenomenal escapism, the city is very logistically placed for World Cup visitors.

First of all, it can accommodate far more guests than Doha, which is the smallest city to ever host a World Cup. Secondly, it’s predicted that many of the World Cup’s private jet travellers will be doing same-day trips to enjoy football because of the limited aircraft parking space in Doha.

Two of Dubai’s airports, Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum Airport, have three terminals equipped with the latest technologies to handle the arrivals and departures of various airlines and passengers. This will allow fans to easily travel from game to game like never before. In fact, closer to the World Cup season, FlyDubai will be operating 60 flights per day to Dubai,  as well as many other airlines making travel widely available – according to a recent announcement from Qatar Airways.

Bear in mind that this year’s World Cup is placing huge pressure on Doha’s accommodation market, so Dubai is flying in at full speed to become a hotspot for property operators in the area. 

Getting in on the Action by Investing in Dubai for the World Cup 

Forecasters have officially announced a surge in hotel and accommodation demand in Dubai due to the World Cup 2022. A February report from the investment management group Colliers International has singled out Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the two transit hubs most likely to benefit from an “overspill demand”.

dubai real estate

That means, for Dubai-based property hosts, there’s plenty of business out there for everyone, and if you’re looking to invest in the city – now is the best time to do so. 

The best part is that those who choose to invest in Dubai’s real estate market will have all the hard work taken care of for them. So, if you’re tempted to get into Dubai’s booming scene during this iconic time of year but are worried about all the “logistics”, – investing with us could be perfect for you. 

We have put together a whole system that will help you start investing in Dubai’s Real Estate Market. We even put for you our investment deals so you can choose which one fits your wants and budgets.

Even during a season as demanding as fast-paced as the World Cup 2022, our experienced team will provide you with all the resources and support and implement a creative “rental arbitrage” strategy to ensure that you’re maximising on profits and getting the most out of your investment. 

  • You’ll have zero taxes or legal bills to pay.
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So, you see, there’s no better time to “kick things off” in Dubai as an investor. In many ways, the World Cup will be just the beginning as the city will continue to thrive and see higher numbers of visitors – looking for well-managed accommodation. 

In the meantime, keep building and bettering.